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SD HD in an external USB drive??


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I bought an 8GB SDHD from WalMart for a song, the other day.

Took some snaps and I can see the pics on the camera screen, However, when I slide the 8GB SDHD into my SD slot (it doesn't say HD!)not much happens, in fact my computer kinda locks up (btw, that's how I lost my Outlook Express Mail folders the other day).


Anyway, so I am thinking that my build-in SD drive is incapable of reading HD and I thought, in order to be able to load down my pics, I look around and see if there id an external SDHD drive that connects to the USB.


Tried to Google it but I am not getting my answer, maybe there is no such thing.


Does anyone know if that's a device that is available?


Thanks in advance.

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Something like This is what you need. Your diagnosis is correct, SD readers will not read SDHD.



that's even better then I had hoped for, no cables and super compact.

Thanks for the link, Twisties.

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