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Garmin 2730


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I need some help coustmer service for Garmin is closed for the holiday . I bought a Garmin 2730 and hooked the xm 30 up to the gps called xm ordered service and I still get searching for service no xm signal. Just wanted to know if this has happened to anybody and if so what can i do to fix?

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You first backed it out of the garage, right? :grin:


It does take some time for your account to activate and load, but you should at least be getting the preview channel......

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Double check connections.

Check the XM unit number, you did give them the correct one, yes?

Contact XM again, I know... :dopeslap:

When I did mine I was outside, everything was working on the GPS, it was very short time, I think while I was still on the phone, that the XM activated.

Good luck.

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I think the gps is defective gps works fine and it says the xm is connected but it just keeps saying searching for service. It can't find service because I have no bars-----no sat. signal. I have unplugged reconnected everything I can think of. I guess I will have to wait until Monday to call customer service at Garmin

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