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Turkey day I'm watching the smoker and started to clean my rims on the GT. I get the Mothers aluminum polish and go to work. This stuff works great. Im sitting on the ground doing the wheels looking at the bugs dried on the fairng that I have tried everything to remove. What the heck, I put the mothers cream on a small spot and vaaaamo it comes right off. Must be a new bug I thought and went to an area that defeated me before. Same results, the bugs come off. I don't know whats in that stuff but my bike now has no bug scars. Im talking ones that have dried on there for 2 months, baking in the Florida sun.

I checked this morning and the paint is fine with no damage.


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WOW - I've never found anything that will remove Ohio bugs, let alone those monsters you have in Florida !

No dulling of the paint or anything ?

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Florida bugs come off easily with dryer sheets and lots of water.


Let me clarify(before a lurking flamer jumps on this). I use whatever kind of laundry dryer sheets are on the shelf next to the clothes dryer.

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I wet a paper towel and drape it over the buggy area, let it sit for about 5 min and the bugs just come off. I've had a few that I had to add some dish soap to the water for but these are California bugs, Monster Florida bugs may take a few soakings.

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Eagle brand "wax as you dry" spray used when I get home from a ride breaks down bug guts great and you get a little waxing as you use it. I don't use it after washing, just after riding. Dave

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