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handle bar morrors for RT


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You can have them on 1150s as well:




51-16-2-307-769 BMW K1200GT Mirror (Qty 2)

31-42-2-314-991 BMW Mirror Sleeve (Qty 10)

51-16-2-309-607 BMW Wave Washer (Qty 2)

51-16-2-328-287 BMW Nut (Qty 2)


Of course, after I paid the ridiculous $150+ for all this, I found out on this board that the $25 mirrors from the Ruckus scooter fit as well!



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I have mirrors from the KRS (02-04) on my 06 RT. I was able to get them at about 1/2 price used.



Model: K1200RS Diagram #51_4546



01 51167653773 left rear view mirror BUY 1 $82.97

01 51167653774 right rear view mirror BUY 1 $82.97

02 51162309607 wave washer (D=8,4) BUY 2 $0.50

03 51162328287 nut (INBUSMUTTER M8) BUY 2 $7.74


Sorry I don't have a good pic. I'm sure someone else will post one.



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i have the add on mirrors - came with the bike so cant state provenance. **** i am at work so cant look at the bike - but if you want me to uncover the hibernated thing and look for markings on the mirrors let me know ***


indeed the previous owner also stuck on little fish eye mirrors at the bottom of the stock mirrors - so i have 6 mirrors to look at! was sensory overload for the first month. let me tell you.


anyway, even with all these mirror i still have blind spots - point is ya still gotta do good shoulder checks.


(i think also the shoulder check also provides some communication to the cars around to let them know that the flashing yellow light is not simply for decoration.... )


the roundy-hangy outty mirrors (to use the technical term, or bar end mirror if you prefer) are much better than stock - these are the ones i mostly look at - so definitely get them (there so not a soap box 'lane-changing safety' speach hijack after all :grin: )





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"I have mirrors from the KRS (02-04) on my 06 RT."


I have the same setup for my RT if I want to use them. The KRS mirrors have a double stalk or frame which I believe are a bit more stable than the single stalk version. Buying these used is the only way to go.

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I found the Ruckus mirrors on ebay - 8mm male thread on right & left. Doesn't 1 side on bmw take a male & other the female - from what I saw in schematic? or will both sides take these male 8mm mirrors?

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The mirror stalks are male just like the picture Moshe posted on this thread. They insert thru the hole just inside of the grip on each side. From the underside you slip on the washer and then the nut.

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Clive Liddell

For the R1100RT I just use the R1100R mirrors L & R complete with any nuts and washers. The RH hole is an 8mm LH thread as I recall and the allen screw was/is quite expensive (that part I do recall :>) )

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