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MC Boots for Wide feet


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Anyone know of a mfg for a wide (EEEE) motorcycle boot? Prolly too much to hope for, but there are a lot of us out there that have paddle feet...


Info would be appreciated..


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Another brand from Germany is Frey Daytona.

They will custom make your boot if needed. Actually all their boots are hand made, so the price difference should be reasonable.


I have the Daytona Travel Star GTX and am so pleased with it. A little stiff initially, but after a while it is smooth enough to shift with ease.


Check all their boots and your CA-dealer at: daytona.de


// Taurus

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I've got about a 12 EEE or EEEE, and the combat lites at aerostich work pretty good. As usual, they're tight in the toe until they break in. I try to buy so the length is right, and my heel fits. The toe usually softens up with time.


On another note: They're not riding boots exactly, but I always thought a pair of White's would adapt pretty well - especially if you to have misshapen feet and really need a custom boot.



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I wear Sidi's with thin socks.......An EEE size 8-1/2 - 9 works OK for me using a size 43.........A common boot, it should be easy to try them on at a dealer and they are reasonably prices......

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Heck, I have a fairly wide, VERY straight foot, creating the need to wear 4E shoes and boots. I took a chance on a pair of Vendramini boots, and have been happy with them. They're shaped like my foot. I wear size 12 shoes for running, 11s for street wear, and ended up with 10.5s in the Vendraminis. Very expensive, but waterproof, very protective. The slight disadvantage to them is the soft rubber sole wears smooth within a couple of years, but I was able to get them resoled for a hundred bucks...check THIS THREAD for details and a photo of the Sidi soles on my Vendraminis. As a matter of fact, if you have a pair you like, but the soles are worn out, call the guy at Sole Performance and I bet he can make you happy. The sole I got is made for a trials (not trail as mentioned in the web site) boot, but he will also put a motocross sole on. Hope this is helpful.

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