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SIDI Strada Evo Air boots - seeking cooler boots


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I don't need waterproof - I need cool. The Sidi air boots are vented so as to force air to flow through them (supposedly) - does anyone have experience with these or other "air" boots?


My present Alpinstars are the basic Gore-Tex variety and, while they're probably rainproof, they're too hot. For my next boots, I'd like to find a pair that allows some ventilation to keep my feet a little cooler and drier but still offers reasonable safety.

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I have the Sidi Doha boots and they are very good for hot weather riding. They are not full over the calf boots, they go just over the ankle so wouldn't be as protective in a get-off. But they're great for hot weather.

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I have a pair of SIDI Strada Evo Air boots. I am very happy with these boots. My feet have a tendency to get hot and damp riding in SoCal and these boots are very good at keeping them cooler. I ride a R1200RT and there is not a lot of air flow around my feet in the normal riding position. I have found that dipping my toe down slightly on the foot peg directs air right into the air scoops on the boots, this has a very cooling effect on my my feet. In the same respect, I have never had my feet get to cold and I have taken some long rides in very cool weather with these boots. I would recommend these boots to anyone that wants a good protective boot, but needs good airflow at the same time.

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I've had the "air" and the rain-proof versions of these for a couple of years now. I absolutely love them both. On the boxer, I found the same thing as Steve, whenever I needed a little extra cooling airflow I tipped my feet out.


I use the air boots unless it's mid forties or below. Then I switch to the warmer waterproof version.


It's worth noting that I often wear these boots all day at the office, and they're pretty comfortable off the bike. And holding up well.


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