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GPS and Tank Bags


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I have a 2610 Garmin that I would like to install on my R1150RT I also want to hear the voice promps thru my head sets. What is the best way to do this?


I thought about the RHA systems but worry about the tank bag marking up the tank of the bike. Is that a big concern? How do you protect the tanks when using tank bags?

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there are some great mounts out there that will handle the 2610 .

I use Touratech with a key lock. And yes, beware of tank bags as many will gather grit under the magnets and mark your tank...

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Take a look at the SW-Motech / Bags Connection bags.

They have a ring which attaches to the filler cap flange. Tank bag mates to the ring. A powered ring option is available also.

Some of the bags also have a GPS / device mounting bracket as an option.


Also take a look at the Marsee tank bags, particularly the hard topped Corona mount units.

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regarding tank protection:


Auto parts stores sell a tinted plastic strip that is intended as a car windshield visor. It sticks without any glue. You get about 6' by 8" and just cut to fit. $6 or $7. Also can be used on your faceshield as a sun visor.

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The mount looks good. What do you use to hear the voice prompts if you get them? I also want to have the use of a CB for bike to bike and traffic reports. How do you deal with that or don't you?

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