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Mirrors for R1150RT


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Has anyone used www.fairingfactory.com to replace the OEM mirror/signal housings on their RT with aftermarket units? I have not seen any previous posts/feedback about this company. They are based in China w/warehouse in CA. Sold As Is of course. I am skeptical. Any feedback regarding the company and/or product is appreciated. thanks

p.s. they only sell in pairs - L&R

Sorry if this post is in the wrong forum.

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IMO, they look like the genuine article. One photo shows the BMW logo. Not sure if a Chinese knockoff would be allowed to do that. They are either "new old stock" or used.

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click the EBay logo on top of their page and it takes you to their EBay location

R1150RT mirrors start the bid @ $199 with $250 as the "buy it now"

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