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I am asking santa for a comm system this year...


Anything new on the horizon? Where are the best prices?


I would to use either system with a bluetooth phone, MP3, use the manufactuer's microphone, but my earbuds....


and if I can figure out how... use my work Motorola XTS2500 800mhz radio...


Any news?

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Someone in another thread mentioned a rumored 50% Off Sale that may be happening soon (didn't say whether it'd be in time for Christmas or not). If that's true, then the new Autocoms that replace the existing ones will likely be quite new and advanced.


You can either save on the existing one, or wait for whatever whizzbang, high-zoot, double-throw-down models may be coming.

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FeEbay UK has 1/2 price sales, I recently bought my 2nd Super Pro-Avi and had it shipped to Oz.


I'm wondering if Autocom is going to release a bluetooth headset anytime soon.. All other comms systems seem to be heading that way, and it would make a most excellent system if I could retain my Pro-Avi systems and get rid of the cables.


Paging Tom.....

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