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Anybody for a quick ride to the 3's Wed or Fri?


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Too bad. I haven't seen the other Polo since I met him for lunch a couple years ago. You would think a guy who rides a RT in Austin would be a pretty small group.


So do you know Steve McKinley?

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I was talking about going from the IT business to selling cars for Nissan. Trying to talk the sales manager into doing more internet business.


Would that be you?

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Yes, that would be me. If you had your full name on the profile, or Houston as address I would've known it was you. Do you still have the tire changing machine, I may be in need of it soon.


Now, if you had said "Are you Mr. Polo?" I would have answered immediately. :grin:

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I don't see a place in the Profile for my name.


And I don't live in Houston. That would be Richmond!


Still have the tire machine. It is actually still in the box you sent it to me. It has been waiting on me to clean out my garage...


I am considering making a metal frame to mount it to, so it will not have to be secured to the ground. After my upcoming trip to Arizona, I will need to mount some new tires also!


How have you been doing?

Still in the car business?


I had heard somewhere that you bought another RT.

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