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04 1150 RT Will not start


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I tried starting my bike after it had sat recently for 3 weeks . It turned over, the starter but did not sound right. I thought it was not charged enough , so put it on the charger. Same thing . It has the original battery so I bought a new one. Put it in, and again, same thing , while turning it over I reached down and felt the starter and it was turning over. I suspect that the selinoid is not working therefore the starter is not engaging the flywheel. I tried bump starting to move the flywheel a little again same thing.


Thoughts would be appreciated.

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maybe the cold causing the oil to thicken giving you slow crank, combine with old (possibly summer) fuel, old spark plugs ....


gives you a grouchy boxer.

i thought my bike at -8c on sunday 2 am was going to leave me stranded it turned over so slow. i have since parked it for the winter.


so try this: pull in clutch. hold the fast start (choke) up and give 'er some gas when you crank. twist open the trottle (not too much) after you hit the starter.


dont just crank and crank will burn stuff out.


still no joy? > wait for sping or if you want to ride consider how old your gas is - might need to be changed (put the other stuff you remove from the tank in your car). changing the spark plugs wouldnt hurt either. depending on how you feel you could check for spark before you try changing the gas. it would depend on the age of the gas as to which was more likely culprit.


beyond that things get more sophisticated....






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The starter is not engaging with the flywheel to turn over the motor.

Prior to parking it everything worked fine , I had just rode a 230 mile ride.



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uhmmm well its the starter then! :grin:

i see a new one is 400$ but you can get individual parts for less: http://www.webparts.com/diagram.php?btnr=12_1173&mospid=47981&hg=12&fg=15

i would guess if the starter is spinning but not engaging might be the solenoid

maybe search on "starter" or "solenoid" at this and other sites - it might just need tightening or cleaning. i'm sure someone who knows something well happen along to your post (eventually)

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If it's the starter, take it to your local automotive starter/alternator repair place. They'll replace the solenoid and bearings and brushes you are good to go.

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Sometimes taking off the starter and cleaning it will work. There is a PDF on doing this. Let me know if you can't find it. I have it somewhere. It isn't a big job, but you will need a gear puller to do the job correctly. I didn't, but was able to eventually get it done in three times the normal amount of time. Rent a puller if you do it.


The URL for the starter cleaning is: http://www.bmwrt.com/faq/docs/starter.pdf


The link used to work, but I can't get it to work now. I'm in a campground near Flagstaff in pouring rain changing to snow.

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The starter is very easy to check for functionality plus to clean and strip. If it is just part's you are needing (hopefully) just go HERE !!


He also does new Valeo starters for $185 plus shipping....and they are EXACTLY the same part as the overpriced BMW unit!



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Thanks for all the information. I will get at it soon , first a good rap on the solenoid. Then replace the solenoid if need be as the starter does turn over , just not engaging.

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^^ what Phil said.


If it felt/sounded like it was laboring to turn over, even with the new battery, then it sounds like it could be the starter.


I did the exact same thing - replaced a perfectly good battery thinking it was dead, when it was the starter that had gone kaput.

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A quick removal and check will give you your answer. Remember, to get it to spin over (to check the solenoid/Bendix gear) you MUST ground the starter body. Betcha dollars to donuts your Bendix gear is covered in crap coloured clag :eek:! Might need a simple cleaning is all (hopefully!!!).


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I have a starting problem but different from the ones mentioned here.


I have an '04 R1150RT with 5500 miles. Battery is brand new (bought it in October). When the bike has been sitting it turns over and starts fairly easily. After riding for a while say on the highway and the engine is hot (gauge midway up) if I stop for gas and let it sit for a few minutes (5 minutes or so) it will not turn over it is almost as if there is something holding the crankshaft. Something is preventing it from turning even though I have the bike in neutral and the clutch is pulled in. The starter is drawing so much amps that the clock resets itself.


If I let the bike sit for 15 minutes it will start up but something seems like it is dragging still. If I stop and wait 30 minutes it starts easy just like in the morning. If I leave my house in the morning and go up the road half a mile and stop and get gas it starts no problem. It only happens after the bike gets hot.


should I buy a new starter or is it a piston/cylinder issue? Also I put the bike on the center stand at night in my garage but almost all the other times I put it on the sidestand.

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You MAY have a starter magnet issue. Valeo were supposed to have cured this from 2001 onward but, as we all know...you never know!


See my link in the earlier post for stripping and cleaning and I would recommend you strip the starter to see if you have a detached magnet inside the "can". If you do and the main parts aren't mangled, you can buy just the can and magnets from HERE and save yourself some money!



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