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"DWA" Battery Warning indicator


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On a 2005 R1200RT,with the alarm system,can the anti-theft alarm battery be recharged/replaced by the owner or is it a BMW service item????



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Yes, very easy DIY job.


Pull the plug, remove the two torx screws, and slide the module forward and out. Remove the four screws and cover, and you'll see the battery compartment. It takes two lithium batteries that are readily available.


Reverse, and reinstall. 30 minute job, tops... :wave:

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It's in the tail piece behind the rear seat. About the size of two decks of cards. It's the only thing back there except the ambient air temp sensor. (In fact, I *think* I pulled the plug on the air temp sensor to get it out of the way when I changed my batteries).


#2 in the diagram...


Alarm Module


Edit: I just went and looked at mine. There is only one torx screw to remove to pull the module, not two. It's the screw that goes in the slot in the front of diagram...



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Is there a reset after the battery install? I changed the batteries out and closed everything up before doing the key test. I'm still getting the same DWA low battery indicator.

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