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EFI adjustment on a ...Guzzi...ok, I know


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I can't find any good info out there and there's a TON more knowledge on this site! So, I'm going to attempt to help a friend and use my Twin Max on his 02 California Metal (1100 oprn loop EFI system) any advice (other than the obvious "go find the Italian site") would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your replies...no really...not that one...the helpful ones. Ya, thanks.

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Seriuosly the Guzzi club of america would be a great start, and there is a guy that hosts on Sidestand Up which happens to be on this evening, Mike is his name and he is a Guzzi nut Email him at sidestandup.com or better yet call in an speak to him live I'm sure he'll have a much better idea than most of us.

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hi, my name is lee, in colorado,riding a oilhead r1150rt at present, used to ride many of guzzi s in the past, eldorado,sp1000,850 lemans,introduced to bmw in the mid 1980 s, airhead r100rt,, just love touring and long riding days, anyway, if you email a long time friend of mine [over thirty years]in georgia, who has been riding moto guzzi s for the entire time ive know him, we used to both live in illinois, near geneva,he moved to georgia a few years back and has been working as a tech in the guzzi shops, near alanta, maybe give him a email and he has all the info you ll need, as i noticed your in the southeast, his email is IGUZZISTEVE@AOL.COM , tell him i said hi, he s a great guy and i would trust him and his judgement on anything i ever owned, no bs, good luck, lee

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