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Is Autocom planning a 1/2 price sale in the USA?


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I've been in the market for an Autocom Pro or Active Rider Duo.


I noticed *a lot* of 1/2 price sales in the UK... "Clearance Sale - To make room for our new products".


Has anyone heard of an upcoming Autocom 1/2 price sale in the US?

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I actually bought 2 Super Pro-Avi Duo kits on 2 separate occasions via Feebay UK. First one was about 12 months back, and again about 6 weeks ago.


I paid $90 STG 1st time round and $137 STG 2nd time. The first was a new unit from a private seller, who dropped his price to better all the 1/2 price sales at the time.


here in Oz, we pay RRP of $580AUD for these units, then add PTT button, Cables, UHF etc and she fast becomes an expensive luxury.

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Haven't heard anything specifically about any kind of "sale," but in the past when a major redesign of product has come about, there has been a sale. It would depend on whether the 2009 product is merely updated or whether it's radically new.


When the Pro-7 went on sale a couple of years ago, lots of people bought them through the dealership where I was working. Then when the new products were introduced, and they featured individual volume controls, more accessory ports, automatic volume adjustment, cell w/MP3 capabilities, etc, many customers complained and said they should have waited. I heard a lot of "it's just $250 more for the newer one." Yes, but it's actually $500 for the newer one. In $250 bites ($250 paid for the closeout unit, then a $250 difference for the newer unit), they said they would have taken it. But at a $500 chunk, they claim it's too expensive. Retail purchases, their triggers, justifications and remorses are fascinating to watch.

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I'm still waiting for my Pro-7 to bite the dust so I can justify an upgrade. The new design looks good but my old unit keeps plugging away. I recently replaced my boom mic for $26-odd (guess I was chewing it for too many years) and I have no justification yet.


I've gone back-and-forth between biked-powered and 9V battery power. My only real complaint is how wimpy the available 9V rechargeables seem to be.

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