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Wait Lists, Room Mates, etc...


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Starting a thread to capture anyone needing a room or... have a room and looking to share.


This thread can also be used if someone needs to cancel a reservation and is looking for someone to pick up the room.


Please post up here or send me a PM.





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I'm looking for a room in the motel. On-line reservations shows the motels all booked, and no one answers the phone (I guess it's out of season).

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Follow the directions on the unrally post.

You will NOT be able to get a room online as all rooms have been blocked off for our group.

Call the number provided and leave a message. Your call will be returned.

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Let the phone ring and it will switch over to Randy's cell phone. Randy is the owner's son. You can leave a message and he will phone you back. I phoned Sunday afternoon, left a message, and he called back a few hours later.

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Just spoke to Randy, reservation made.

Please remove me from the waiting list.


As of 2:34 Eastern Standard Time on 24 Nov 2008 Randy told me that after he finishes following up with his current messages he will have about 10 rooms left.


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Calvin  (no socks)

I'm shipping my tent to a relative in Conn... going to back road it up from there! Unless Beth comes, then I have to reserve a room...Need to make a decision...Is she or isn't she?

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Bill in Vermont

I have had no luck in getting either through to a human or to an answering machine. I am looking for a two bedded room, but if nothing comes through, I would be willing to share a room with someone that already has one. Bill Luring in Saxtons River, Vermont

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Hi Everyone,


No worries... As soon as I have a confirmation on all the rooms booked at the primary motel, I do have another nice motel lined up which will have plenty more rooms. It's only a couple miles away from UN HQ.




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Now that all 52 rooms in the primary motel are booked...


I have worked out an agreement with Coös Motor Inn about two miles away in the town of Lancaster.




Price is $60/night.


It is a newer motel and offers "either a King or 2 Queen beds, working table, private baths (tub & shower), air conditioning, refrigerator, color cable television, individual digital thermostats, telephone, hair dryers, iron, ironing boards, Free high-speed wireless internet access and Free Continental Breakfast. VCRs, Coffee makers, additional rollover beds are available upon request."


For reservations at the Coös Motor Inn, please call Sonny Patel and mention the BMW UNrally in August. Their address is:


Coös Motor Inn

209 Main Street

Lancaster, NH 03584





PS: I did check a couple other places first:

Cabot Motor Inn was closest to the UN HQ but, was also much more expensive ($99) with mixed online reviews;

Lancaster Motor Inn would be cheaper ($50) but, the rooms are really run down.


Ideally, we would have everyone staying at the same motel above, but these others are available if you prefer. Let us know when and where you book your reservations and we'll let the majority decide.




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I had not heard from Randy in a while so I called him a week ago to check on room status and such. He said that there have been no cancellations yet so the wait list still stands.


If you folks hear any more, please post it.

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I think Randy's all booked up. Read Samsar's post in the middle of this thread, it lists the overflow hotel and negotiated room rate.


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With Beth and I out, he was going to his wait list and contacting the next person.

Someone should've been called by now.

Best wishes.

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In the past, I have probably deserved every bit of it, afterall, I have been good at putting the "in" sign up and then having to retract due to work. Well, here we go again only this time I am sincerely asking for a bit of lower keyed ribbing. This hurts too much.


Jamie and I have to officially bow out of the UN this year. Allow me to explain a bit:


I have been notified that my fire department is officially shutting down an Engine company. They are eliminating all forms of overtime. Overtime may not sound like a big deal but to a firefighter, it tends to be how we get to do the things we love so much. I've had a pretty unprecedented over abundance of overtime, both wanted and forced, over the last several years. This has allowed me to have, do, buy many things in the motorcycle arena amongst several other areas that I would not otherwise have been able to do. 2600 hours plus over the last two years alone! Overtime is fun money and not used toward the mortgage and food costs, for the most part.


Just today, we heard that in addition to the loss of an Engine company (this also means loss of my position as an Engineer) and overtime, there is a real possibility of an up to 10% pay cut within the next year. And we even heard the dreaded word "layoff." I have more than enough seniority to not to have to worry about a layoff but . . . well, I think you get it.


There is now a room available. :cry::cry:


On the up side, we are now looking into some mini type trips including Spring Torrey, etc.


Let 'er rip, just be nice. It's all a little raw right now.

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Jeez Phil! If ya didn't want the shirt & patch you just had to say so. ;) Sorry to hear this. :( It looks like we are going to lose one engine Co May-Sept. We only have three.





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With Beth and I out . . .

Jamie and I have to officially bow out of the UN this year . . .

Dang it. :(


All you guys are seriously harshing my buzz! :cry:


We're all going to have SUCH a great time . . . I'm just SO sorry you'll have to miss it. I know you'd never miss the ride of the year if you could help it so I won't bust your chops too much . . . but I won't promise that all the Ride Tales and the beautiful pics of smiling friends and beautiful scenery won't be incredibly painful . . . that is if you don't manage to make it work out somehow! :Wink:


You have no idea what SAMSAR and his excellent team are capable of, but Leslie and I . . . and a bunch of others back east certainly DO! :clap:


But . . . there's always NEXT year . . . and hope springs eternal! :dopeslap:

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You want to be misery, or company?

We can relate.

Overtime (not paid) aplenty here.

In addition to the massive calendar shift, we're looking at the same, salary cut, layoffs, ending programs.

I'll not be rehired at the end of the year but should land on my feet when the dust settles.

With us it wasn't the money but the timing.

Hope that it doesn't end up being both.

So, Mr. Misery, love the company, but hate the reality of not meeting. :cry:

Someday, somewhere down the road... :wave:

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Sorry to hear that... :(


Hope Spring Torrey works for you... in any case just remember that you guys always have a bed, a meal and a garage anytime you are in the neighborhood.



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Another Room is coming available, Room#41


I got engaged on Valentines and the UN is 2 weeks before the wedding.


I hope someone can use my room


I'll try to call Randy today and cancel


I'll see you all at next years UN





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:grin: you have a good point, I'll have to ask her if she would forgo a trip to some island in order to keep her hubby ...... awww, never mind I know the answer. :wave:
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Lets see, a nice room in the romantic and isolated mountains, just before a nuptial event.... and with only a few hundred of your close friends... whats wrong with that picture?

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I have a call into Randy about switching my motel room for a tent site. I don't know when he will call back to confirm the switch but it will free up a room for someone else.


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:grin: you have a good point, I'll have to ask her if she would forgo a trip to some island in order to keep her hubby ...... awww, never mind I know the answer. :wave:


I can understand the bride-to-be having a lot to do, but from my experience, the groom has absolutely nothing to do 2 weeks before the wedding except stay out of the way!!!

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I can understand the bride-to-be having a lot to do, but from my experience, the groom has absolutely nothing to do 2 weeks before the wedding except stay out of the way!!!


Spoken with wisdom...


Besides, it's NH, not Las Vegas!

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Hi, if there is an available room, I am interested. Just let me know the details.




Rich "ricorider"

Cambridge, MA

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Please let me know if you need a room at the resort. One is available. thanks


Room is now taken

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Hi Everyone,


Spring is here which means there is only a few months left until the UNrally :clap:


I'd like to request that we use Randy at the campground/motel to track room cancellations and giving it to the next person on the list. He has been doing a great job at this and I don't want to put him in the middle of having to pick one person over another.


You can give him a call and leave a message if you want to make sure you are already on the waiting list or add your name if not. Leave me a PM if questions or if I can be of help.


I made a trip up a week ago to begin route recons. There was still snow on the peaks and ice in the lakes but the roads were in great shape. I took some pictures and hope to post them up today when I can carve out a couple minutes.


See you there!!!




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  • 5 weeks later...

If you are looking for a room at UnVIII head quarters, call now --> I just cancelled room #22.



I have #21 and still planning on coming.



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Must be a number of people dropping out. I was 5 on the wait list a couple of months ago and got a call that a room was availble last week. They must have had several as I had my choice of room types.

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