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Bike does not come on after lights' install.


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Hoping someone can help me out here. My friend and I cannot figure it out.


Having maintenance done on the bike - '05 1200RT. From valve adjustment to final drive and transmission oil change. We also did the brake fluid replacement and replace the rear tire. Even had my crash bars line-x'ed.


We ended it with P3 lights and Motolight install. I actually have a new Odyssey waiting in the box but was testing with the old BMW battery which I had removed prior to the installation of the Motolights.


We tap'ed the parking lights (blue/gray) for the P3 and the low beam (yellow) for the motolight.


Well, we hooked up the old battery to test functionality before putting everything back together and - nothing! Absolutely nothing. The bike does not even go through the diagnostics. No lights whatsoever. No servo whine, no parking lights, nothing on the dash - nothing. The motolights did come on when I switched it on. So the battery is definitely still good but peculiar as the bike was otherwise dead!


When we encountered the problem, we unhooked all the leads to the battery except for the ones for the bike and still nothing.


What are we missing here? Thank you for your time on this.

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The first two things that come to mind are to check the battery to make sure it's not dead and be sure you didn't reinstall it backwards and get the polarity reversed.

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The only connector we pulled was from the ABS unit so that we had more room to work with trying to bleed the system. We replaced it the moment we were done bleeding them. The other ones I can think of are one for the heated seats and fuel tank which should not make a difference since we were able to use the servo to bleed the brakes.


The connectors to the ECU was not touched. I will check them again.


This is really bugging me!

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The battery does have a charge and is not reversed polarity as the Motolights did come on.


I don't think that the Motolights/relay would know or care if the polarity was reversed.

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Yes, the "it has got to something simple" part usually bugs most of us! :dopeslap:


As far as the reversed polarity goes, I put the battery in the same way I took it out. The (+) being on the right side of the bike. I have to admit that I am not very mechanically inclined nor electronically either. That is why I usually do them with a friend who is more capable than I to help and spot my mistakes so that I can learn and build confidence. I also have JVB's DVD to assist as needed. My friend also rides a 1150RT and therefore is somewhat familliar with my bike.


I am planning on heading back to my friend's later today and look at it with fresh eyes. Maybe someone here have seen something like this before and have suggestions for me to bring with me to try.

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Newsflash - Bill just called saying that the bike came on this morning when he went into the garage to try!! :clap: He said that besides inserting the key and turning it, he did nothing else to the bike.


I very seldom use my kill switch. I have to intentionally do that since I almost always use my sidestand to obtain the same results. I will be going over in a couple of hours to continue work on the bike. It is a good sign but I still need to know why. I will keep you informed with what I find out.


Please don't stop with your ideas for me to try. All your help is much appreciated. :thumbsup:

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It seems to be working just fine now! :)


Apparently, it was the battery after all. Funny that it is as I was able to start it to get it to Bill's place and later used the servo to bleed the brakes. Even the motolights came on for some reason when it should not have. Good thing that we were not able to duplicate the motolights misbehaving after the battery was replaced.


I was planning on replacing the battery anyway as it was about time so I had a new one sitting in the box. I just did not expect the battery to fail so suddenly.


Thank you all. :wave:

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