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Cascade or Bitterroot Range


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I am exploring a fly and ride for me and my Texas friends to the Northwest United States and we will probably only do this once so I want to make the best of it.


Has anyone had a good experience with a rental outfit for either the Cascades or Bitterroot ranges?


We havent done one of these before but seems like a great use of time to fly in and ride instead of droning the interstates!


Any posts would be much appreciated. Thanks. Ron

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Might be hard to find BMW rentals for the Bitteroots,can possibly find HD rentals in that part of the country.


Another option is to consider riding the Sierras in California with a possible trip to the Coast/Redwoods.

Scenery is equal to or better than the Cascades and a lot more passes to ride.

I grew up and lived in Eugene,OR for 35 plus years and know the Cascades,in case you need credentials.



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Do what I did a few years ago....ship your bike to where you want to start and then ride home afterwards....it is usually cheaper if you are planning on riding for more than a few days and more fun to ride your bike than a rental (I have in fact rented twice)....I have ridden both and have to agree that the Sierra's are better but the Bitteroots would be my choice of the two options...

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There's at least one dealer with rentals in Missoula at the top end of the Bitteroots and near the east end of the hwy 12 ride.....Good sized airport and a nice city....Great rides in any direction including hwy 12 west, the Blackfoot River, Glacier, south down into Idaho and the Sawtooth's and a lot more...Can you tell I really like that country?

Missoula Rentals

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If you want to start out in the Cascades in Washington, I have rented several times in the past from this shop about a half hour east of Seattle: http://www.mtsma.com/


Small operation, well maintained bikes (no BMWs tho) and I beleieve he picks up at the airport for customers coming from elsewhere. Shop is in the foothills of the Cascades (western side)

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