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R1150RT passenger seat comfort? GS seat comfort?


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Looking for suggestions for improving passenger seat comfort for my SO, she finds the RT seat numbing. She really enjoys the Goldwing seat, I am not ready for the Wing. RT is fine for me. Maybe a new GS, same problem. Solutions for both (RT & GS ) requested. Thanks in advance.

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We have an R1150RT and an R1150GS (not the R1200). My wife has limited tolerance of both the RT and GS seats. I've tried lambswool seat covers and even fitted foam inserts to change the seat contour.

According to my wife, the best cushion is the bare seat but include regular stops on the rides.

Finding a solution for every person is near impossible. Everyone has different shaped bums and varying tolerance to discomfort. You have to experiment to find individual preferences for your passenger.

After you've tried all else, a custom seat may be your only solution.

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Which GS are referring to? On our new R1200GS I think we have finally solved the pillion seat challenge (next week will be the 2000 mile acid test), but it took $US700 of Corbin seating to get us there!


Short of an LT though you are never going to get arm-chair comfort like the Wing. It's just not in any of the RT or GS series of bikes' design.

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I sold my Goldwing after my wife said that the Russell I put on the RT was just as comfortable for her. I had only been keeping the Wing for her comfort. For me, the Russell is the best saddle I've ever experienced for long rides.

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Les is more

Ditto on the Russell. I rode passenger on a Saddlesore 1000 on the Russell Pillion with nary a complaint. The stocker had me in agony after 150 miles.

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