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updated R1100S transmission problem


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I posted about getting stranded on the road several days ago with a transmission problem. Well, BMW dealer says input shaft + bearing failure. After reading the spline/shaft horror stories (in particular the misalignment ones), I'm afraid to trust this bike. Too bad because I love riding it-but I don't want to be on a ticking time bomb. Can anyone settle my nerves?


2004 R1100S 21K miles

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I wish I could. My input shaft went after 101k miles. I know thats a long time, and I shouldn't bitch......BUT it crosses my mind everytime I throw a leg over the bike.


I have about 6k miles on my rebuilt transmission.......and now for the kicker, this week it has been binding up on downshifts from 3rd to 2nd (prime symptom of a stripping input shaft). I was hoping to get 20-30k miles on it before going back in to check it out, but I might be tearing it all back apart once the snow and ice starts flying.

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how did that happen? did you buy the bike new & that the regular warranty or did you purchase used and were smart and got extended warranty ('06 to '09) or something else ?


did they do anything to "correct the alignment"? (if not hmmmmm ...sell it on...?)


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I can't say that I've nothing to be thankful for this year!

I'll say, and you'd be especially thankful if you could see what all those (N/C)'s add up to... :grin:

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Tough choice.........I would probably just ride it. The dealer (that originally sold you the bike) just documented that something isn't right. If it fails in another 20k miles, I would think they would be obligated to fix it again.


On the other hand.......I might just ride it another 15-20k miles and then trade it in on another bike.

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If you have a problem that occurs under warranty and the dealer says they fixed it but it comes back after the warranty run out you should still be able to claim it under warranty as they failed to fix the underlying symptoms. Should it come back a again then it would, in Virginia, fall under lemon law.

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Anton Largiader

The spline repair is covered by 2 years, unlimited mileage warranty at this point. If you simply don't trust the bike, though, get rid of it. Life's short and there are a lot of bikes out there.


Personally I would have checked out the carrier for misalignment and replaced more parts, but that's just me. Maybe they checked everything and found no problem.

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