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Winter Riding Boots


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i actually use mountaineering boots from the north face because they are waterproof and warm. I have also used Sidis one size larger than I normally wear and then added either heated socks or just a second layer of wool/insulating socks. The heated socks are nice when Im wearing the heated pants/ pants liner, and they are quite toasty.

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mountaineering boots from the north face...


TNF makes a mountaineering boot? I'm gonna go out on a limb and suggest that its probably not a true mountaineering boot. Perhaps it's a backpacking boot?


Either way, a proper mountaineering boot would be a terrible choice for riding. Usually they're really heavy, bulky, super clunky and have a full or least a 3/4 shank. That's great for crampons and kicking steps in snow, but not so hot for walking around the block, nevermind finding a gearshift on a motorbike. Personally, I would never consider wearing a mountaineering boot on the bike.


I've ridden in hikers, wellingtons and pac boots, as well as riding boots, and I'd stick with a good riding boot. Here in Seattle the combat touring lites at aerostich work pretty well year round. Just add more/thicker socks in the winter. Gore-tex is nice, but isn't really necessary, unless you plan to march across a field of wet grass when you get where you're going....


just my $.02

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I just use my goretex lined riding boots with smartwool socks. When it gets below 30, I use a pair of coolmax liners under the smartwool socks to keep any moisture away from the skin.

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I have the BMW Transition boots and LOVE them. They are easy on and off, warm enough for winter and cool enough for summer, and absolutley waterproof.

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