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Washing my bike cover...


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I would check with the manufacturer. Short of that I'd use Woolite and the gentle cycle and hang it to dry.


Or, I'd forget the cover and wash the bike once or twice a year. (Sorry - I couldn't resist. I hang out with Eebie)

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What sort of material is it? smile.gif


Most are just nylon, and I see no reason you couldn't do that. I even put the sunbrella canvas boat covers in the wash.

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Yeah, why wash the bike cover? You put the cover on the bike so it rains on the cover and keeps the bike dry. Do you have, like, schmutz in the rain in Indy that's making your bike cover schmutzy?


There was one time that my bike cover got stinky because I took it off the bike wet, stuffed it in the stuff sack, put it in the saddlebag, and forgot about it for a couple of weeks. So I hosed it down with Febreeze and it's smelled springtime-fresh since then. But wash it? Hose it down - it's designed to have water spray on it.

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