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Reshaping a Corbin seat


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I recently purchased a 2004 R1150RT, and it came with a leather Corbin seat. Even in its lowest position, with the suspension preload turned all the way down, I am on my tip toes (inseam < 29").


I am thinking of getting it re-shaped to make it a bit narrower and lower for better reach to the ground. Also, the passenger seat shape needs some help.


There are a couple of local upholstery places that look like they can deal with motorcycle seats. Has anyone had success with this approach, or do you think I am asking for problems by not sending it off to Corbin to do it? Can anyone recommend of a good place to get this done in the Denver/Boulder area?


Another option I am considering is the Sargent "low" seat. Does anyone know if it is much lower/narrower than a Corbin seat that is set to its lowest setting?





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Any competent shop should be able to re-do the seat. FWIW, I have the "low" Corbin seat on my Multistrada- it is the same height, but narrower at the nose. Helps a little but it's still a tall bike (but OMG what fun :thumbsup:)



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I dont even know if corbin would rework a seat that old. I have NOT had good luck with their customer service on a seat that was 6 months old. Sargent seat wasnt significantly lower. BMW low seat was low but uncomfy for me. I really liked the Wunderlich low seat for the RT but u cant get them anymore. Other option is to lower the bike with aftermarket shocks like Wilbers or Works. Info available on this sight. Expensive, but worth it. I lowered an RT and a GS with aftermarket shocks before they started lowering them at the factory.

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