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Winter Weight Oil?


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I have an 2002 R1150RT and want to ride it in temps as low as 30~F. What weight of oil should I use?





Tom, riding temperatures have little bearing on oil choice as far as the low end viscosity goes.. It has more to do with stating temperatures.. If you start out of a heated or warmer garage then re-start again later into the warmer part of the day it doesn’t require nearly as thin of a motor oil as leaving the bike outside overnight & starting it at 30°f..


A good 15W40 or 15W50 should easily take you to about 30°f-32°f starting temperatures.. I regularly ride (start my bike) down to 15°f using 15W50 synthetic motor oil with little starter draw down or improper cold idle..


If you start & ride at real cold temps (below 20°f) then a 10W40 might be a better choice..


Just check your owners manual as the oil weight vs ambient temps in there under oil specifics..




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