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Helmet Test: Scorpion EXO-700 and HJC CL-SP


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Okay, I added a HJC CL-SP to my small collection of helmets because I wanted something with a larger area for helmet speakers than my Scorpion EXO-700. Well, the HJC arrive yesterday and the cavities are really not larger, so I will be doing a little un-scientific study to see which helmet I will wear most.



1. I wear an open face HJC AC-3 helmet during hot weather. But I prefer to wear a full face (FF) helmet when I can because of its higher protection from the road but also rain, bugs, etc.

2. The diameter of my skull is 22.3 inches measured about 1 inch above my eyebrows. That's a medium for both models.

3. The Scorpion EXO-700 is one year old, size medium, dark blue in color.

4. The new HJC CL-SP is also size medium, but yellow in color.

5. I ride a 2006 BMW R1200RT with an adjustable windscreen so I can control wind turbulence quite a bit.


What I have found so far:


Neither the EXO-700 nor the CL-SP have adequate room for the J&M helmet speakers I have. So both will need to have some styrafoam removed.


Scorpion: The EXO fits much more tightly than the new CL-SP even though the former is a year old. I remember I had to really work on one area to give myself a pain-free 2+ hr ride. The helmet for me pressed against my forehead too much. At the suggestion of Scorpion I very slightly compressed the material in that area. The quality of the EXO-700 is much better than the HJC. It is also heavier than the HJC. Compared to my open face HJC AC-3, the EXO700 is much noisier.


HJC: The new CL-SP is much lighter than the EXO-700 and fits more comfortably than the EXO-700 does now and really better than the EXO was when new. I thought at first the HJC might be the wrong size, although both are mediums (recommeded size for both for my head). However, I did the "fit test" for the HJC and it passes. I do not think I will exchange it for the smaller size. I think it only feels looser compared to the EXO 700.


I have yet to wear the HJC CL-SP while riding. I plan to take both helmets on my next ride to see which is quieter. I'm expecting them to be about the same. I also want to get some time with the HJC before I install speakers in either helmet since the headsets cost about $100-$200; I can't afford to put them in both helmets right now.


I will report back here as my un-scientific testing continues......

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I have a CL-SP that I use occasionally.

Here is what I have found.

Yes, it is a looser fit in regards to my other lids in the same range (medium).

Over all it is decent helmet and fits round heads well.

I have found the visor to be optically incorrect.

When I track my eye across the range I find undulations in it. The visor is also on the thinner side of construction.

Anti fog is sort of there. moisture thends to pool on the bottom edge of the shield.

Visor indents are on the weaker side and to keep it in the first position you must use the click switch on the side. All other indents will flop down at 40+ mph if you're not behind a tall screen.

Air flow inside is kind of a mystery to me. I can't really tell if there is any. I don't get that hot in it. The external shape does pretty good with air flow over it and dosen't buffer a whole lot.

It's somewhat loud inside but I don't really ever participate in this debate as I always wear ear plugs.

It is reasonably light but since I am accustomed to much tighter fitting lids that don't move at all on my head and this one does, It's kind of a catch 22.

I found I use it pretty much for local jaunts and have installed the comm system in a different lid that I use for distance runs.


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FWIW ... J & M now makes a set of "thin line" helmet speakers that you can mount without cutting styrofoam out of your helmet. (Check out their website.) I just installed a set in my wife's helmet and she said they sound good (not "tinny"). Again, FWIW. :wave:

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Thanks for the feedback on your CL-SP helmet, Tony. I've yet to wear it. I hope to do my comparison ride with it and the EXO700 later today if the rain stays away.



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FWIW ... J & M now makes a set of "thin line" helmet speakers that you can mount without cutting styrofoam out of your helmet. (Check out their website.) I just installed a set in my wife's helmet and she said they sound good (not "tinny"). Again, FWIW. :wave:


Thanks. Based on my ride yesterday using my HJC AC-3 helmet and J&M speakers, I've decided I will use helmet speakers for only the GPS audio. I tried running the XM audio into the speakers and it was pretty awful! I really like the dash speakers so I am biased I know.


But I do like getting the GPS audio. I've had that on other motorcycles and I think it's a safety factor. So, I bit the bullet and will install speakers into which ever full face helmet I decide to use mainly along with the AC-3.

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I was able to compare the HJC CL-SP and the Scorpion EXO700 yesterday. Did about a 2 hour ride in temperatures around 60°, speeds up to 75 mph.


I have already used the EXO700 for about a year, so it's "broken in" although the HJC is new.



- The EXO700 is slightly less in width than the HJC. It fits into my Givi 36l case easily, to put the HJC in the case I have to lightly push down on the case top.

- The HJC is slightly, very slightly quieter with the amount of engine noise; other than that, the wind noise is identical.

- The HJC is much more comfortable as I suspected it would be since its fit is not as tight as the EXO700. However, IMO both pass the "fit test" as recommended by HJC.

-The vent controls on both helmets work about the same. However, I can notice very little if any air movement in the helmets. I'd say either one would be hot in the warmer months.

- Both helmets' visors can be opening a little to provide a little air at stoplights, etc. The HJC might be a little better in that it can be opened about 10mm where the EXO700 opens about twice that. No big deal

- The visor on the EXO is better quality and thicker, although this HJC CL-SP does NOT have visual aberrations like someone mentioned his did. Both mechanisms for the visor work fine.

- The HJC CL-SP lets a little more air in by the rider's chin than the EXO700 does. I don't think that will be an issue on my motorcycle (the height of the windshield can be adjusted electrically)


So, I'm putting my one set of J&M speakers into the HJC as it will be the one I wear more often. I may have mentioned already I don't plan on listening to anything but the GPS audio with the helmet speakers; the radio sounds SO much better coming out of the dash speakers on my bike.


I guess I will keep the EXO 700 as a spare helmet for now......

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