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Ever disassembled a Stebel Nautilus?


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I haven't, but I need to.


I've got two on the bench that turned into one-lungers, & I'd like to take them apart to see if I can fix them. I just don't want to destroy them in the process.


If you know how, I'd appreciate a tutorial.

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No, however I think Chris still has that multi-tool :grin: if you need it.



Worst case they are $30 and you will have added some experience to your portfolio

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Yes I have dissassembled this horn. Don't expect any support from the factory, as in zero, nada, not even a reply. I needed a brush for each horn. No reply after multiple inquiries. Plus there are better (louder) horns.

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Danny, here is the guy to talk to.. Andrew sells those Nautilus air horns for motorcycle applications.. Maybe he can give you some pointers.. I believe (well word of mouth has it anyhow) there was a batch of Strebel Nautilus horns that had a high failure rate..






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Yeah, I know Andrew from Adventurers Workshop. I posted this query on AdvRider also, but no replies as yet.


Worst case, I'll use one as a guinea pig to learn from.

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Inquiring minds want to know, what horns do you think are better(louder). Not questioning that you are correct just want to know for future reference.



Dan Forker

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Not too long ago, I remember seeing a post were some one separated the motor/compressor from the horns due to space limitations.

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