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Bent/Warped Wheels?


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Got the RT in the shop for the 12k and new tires. I got a call from the mechanic and said I have a ding in the bead area of the front wheel (no big deal in fixing that one), but said that the rear rim is a little warped. I'm pretty sure I know which pot-hole got the front rim, but have no clue how or when the back rim got taged.


My question is what effect "minor" warping will have on handling and on tires? He said it's minor, but I don't want to mess anything up worse. Frankly, I never even noticed it...



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I agree. You may want to keep an eye on the wear pattern of your current set of tires, but I suspect you'll find no problems. Make sure you watch the tires pressures closely in case the damaged rim causes a leak.



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Every surface you're riding on has minor to major imperfections and the bike is designed for that. If you don't notice it and it's balanced, run the rubber off it. :Cool:

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He did say that BMW alloy wheels seem to be softer compaired to other makes, and that he see's this more on the K bikes than the RT's. Interesting.


I will check the tire pressure a little more often as you suggested.


Thanks for the info guys.

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