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Lets Trade


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I was thinking that it might be a cool idea to post all the stuff and junk you want to get rid of. No money involved though except for the cost of shipping. And if you want you can trade one thing for another. Shipping costs can be a negotiating point. Use PM for posting address etc. This is the BMWST Trade show. Starting right now. It might help to post Pics. ( I have yet to figure that out.)

I have a small genuine leather wallet, never used. Its free, you pay for shipping.

Ill be amazed if this thread lasts long!



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Also I have a 1998 dell computer that might be good for little kids to learn on. No monitor though. You pay shipping.

Keep those posts coming in. The phones are ringing off the hook.

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The problem is, we only allow want ads/for sales/exchanges in the classifieds forum. That forum is restricted to 'motorcycle related' items.


As you said, this thread isn't going very far.



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