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ABS pump replacement


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Nothing particularly unusual about it. If you’ve done most any brake work in the past, you can do this job.


Of course you will have to bleed all four brake circuits, but the procedure to do that is on this site and other places/


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Sounds easy enough. I have checked out the bleeding process and am not worried about that. I was just worried that maybe some of the brake lines were pressed on rather than just being able to unscrew them. Or that maybe BMW had come up with some new way of connecting everything that took a special tool from ACME that you had to order via the wiley coyote or something. I mean, if they make replacing the fog lights so difficult that I need the hands of my daughter to replace them I was not sure what they may have done with the ABS system.

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How difficult is it to replace the ABS pump on a 1150RT? Any special tools required or any tips or tricks to make it easier? Thanks



scaudy, as mentioned above real simple to replace once all the Tupperware & fuel tank is removed..


One word of caution-- BE VERY CAREFUL WITH THE REMOVAL & BLEEDING as brake fluid is a very effective paint remover & can ruin you bike’s paint in a nano-second if splashed or dripped on a painted surface or gauge cluster..


If you have an early 2002 RT & are installing the later (or a service replacement) ABS controller keep in mind there is a service bulletin on that requiring the rear master cylinder to also be replaced with a matching cylinder bore size to retain proper braking & residual braking performance..


If you want a copy of the service bulletin just E-Mail me & I will send it to you..




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