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Autocom Under the Seat


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We picked up and Autocom unit before heading to Utah and after spending two weeks using it we pretty much liked it. I did find the in the tank bag hook up sort of inconvenient so, since I'm keeping it, I want to mount it under the seat. If anyone's done this on a R12RT I'd be curious to see how you routed the plugs from under the seat so rider and passenger could hook up. Any ideas appreciated.


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Hey Al


Leave it in the tank bag. When ever you put it under the seat you increase the chances of interferes from the bikes electronics. The people that put it in the tank bag have fewer problems. I've done it both ways. I've wanted to tear it outa the bike and throw it in the trash more than once when I had it under the seat. In the tank bag it would have been easier to throw it off the bike and I have not done it yet, so it must be better. :grin:




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Al - I have the drivers plug route along the frame and zip-tied in place - the actual plug come out from under the front of the seat.


I have a cable holder on the cable and one of the long screws for the tank bag mount retaining it - has never moved.


The passanger - i also have rounted along frame and zip tied - when not in use it is tucked up under the cubby hole in the very back.

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Thanks Tom, I take it there's no issue with the wires being pinched by the seat then?


Yes, if you don't choose the spot carefully...to hang them out...you'll pinch the cables. I've done it. And Whip is right, you can get zzzzzzzzztttt interference under the seat, even with all the various sound isolator thingies. Not isolated to BMWs, had the same issues on two other bikes. Learned to live with it, turned the music up a little bit. (If you're just using it to talk, I don't think you'll have the interference issues...maybe).



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Al, have you considered putting it in the glove box (radio box), assuming you don't have a radio in there. I have mounted both my Autocoms in the glove box on my 07 RT's and absolutely no issues with noise/static/etc. And if you plan on connecting a lot of stuff into it, it makes the wiring much easier in my opinion. I have GPS/XM radio/Radar detector/Kenwood GMRS all going into mine. If I had mounted it under the seat, it would have been twice as complex getting everything connected.


The wires all run into the radio box thru a small hole I dremeled in the top-front-right corner of the box. Easy to wire it there, and the controls are accessible at any time. :thumbsup:

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We hang the pillion's plug from out under the rear seat where it is very easy for her to grab it and connect/disconnect.


The riders cable is a bit more interesting. I use a modified Powerlet socket that is mounted to the right upper fairing (socket made by 'Axe' on this board). The Autocom cable is routed up along the frame and under the upper fairing, where it connects to an Autocom extension that is fixed to the socket. So far I've had no problems with the connection and cord pulls out with moderate tension, suggesting that safety is not an issue (though I never thought it would be). Presto - no dangling cable!




Good luck!



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I have 'velcroed' it underneath rear of the front seat (but on my 1150RT). The front cable goes out at the FRONT of the seat where there is a space so it doesn't get pinched. The rear comes out the side of the rear seat,again there is an empty space there so no risk of hurting the cable.


Not sure how the saddles of the 1200 are made though.


As for interference: never had a problem. I guess that somehow varies from bike to bike.

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Thanks for sharing!! :clap: Exactly what I'm looking for; will contact "Axe" soonest. Have been told couldn't do this with the Autocom system.


Appreciate the pics!

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Following an excellent post by Axe I also have my Autocom socket tucked away but I used the power socket on the left fairing of my bike to house my modified Autocom cable. I don't use the power socket so I just cable tied it up behind the fairing. My fitting is identical to the one shown but is on the opposite side. It leaves it easier to dismount without disconnecting the Autocom lead.

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I have been unable to access the site for almost a week now, finally got back up tonight, had to switch browsers.


At any rate if anyone is interested in fabricating their own panel mount autocom cable I can provide a parts list and assembly instructions, just send me a PM

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