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Calling a toll-free # from outside of the USA

Ken H.

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I need to get a hold of several US gov’t agencies (on behalf of my mother), which appear to only have toll-free “800” numbers that aren’t accessible from Canada.


Is there any ‘trick of the trade’ so to speak to get around this?


Alternately, I think I’ll have to have someone in the states call the 800 number and ask if they have a standard number reachable from outside of the US.


Other ideas?


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An alternate international number (usually just their local number) almost certainly exists but if it isn't listed on their web site you may need someone within the USA to call them and get it.

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Ken this web page has info on how to do it: http://www.business.att.com/bt/tollfree.jsp


It indicates you can call U.S. based toll-free numbers from Canada just by direct dialing, but it also indicates that you can dial 1-800-225-5288 and the ten-digit toll-free number to be connected. Note, though, that this is an AT&T web page; it may not work for everyone.

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If there is "1" prefix before 800, don't use it. But be sure to dial the Intn'l prefix for your country +1 for the U.S. For example from Europe to the U.S I need to dial 00 then 1 then the area code and number. Example: 001 800 555 1212. Also you can in most cases find a non 800 toll-free number through the White Pages directory on the net. Call and ask for the telephone number for people calling international outside the U.S.


I have used the above approaches many times and have always gotten through one way or the other. I hope this helps :thumbsup:

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I own a tollfree number and it is the owners choice to make it work from a foreign country. (Ours is blocked).


Try Russell's suggestion on Skype. It will probably work.



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Have you checked their websites for numbers other than the 1-800 ones?



The ones specifically I'm trying to get in touch with are the Veterans Administration's South Dakota office, and the Dubuque, Iowa Medicaid office.


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Dubuque County Human Services Department‎ - Medicaid

(not Medicare... which is federal)

799 Main St # 410

Dubuque, IA‎


(563) 557-8251‎

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