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C'mon and take a free ride!


MotoCaribe is giving away a free ride on any of it's upcoming 7 day Dominican Republic motorcycle tours.


It's the all-inclusive adventure you've been waiting for and it's simple to enter. Just fill out the form at http://www.motocaribe.com with the code "freeride" and you'll be entered into a drawing for a seven day motorcycle excursion through the beautiful Dominican Republic. It's one of the most amazing riding spots on the planet, and no one knows it like we do.


Pick a date (based on availability), fly into Santiago International Airport, and we'll do the rest. 7 days of amazing riding on a V-Strom 650 (the perfect bike for DR riding), three meals a day, luxury hotel; you just twist the wick and have the time of your life. There's also a 2nd prize of $200 off any of our upcoming 7 or 4 day rides, so what do you have to lose?


For more information on the tours, go to http://www.motocaribe.com/7daytour.html. The adventure of a lifetime is waiting (and free, for the love of God!), and all that's missing is you!








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