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ABS failure


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My 1999 R1100RT has recently began to have failure of the ABS system. I reset the unit and it may go a few hours, a ride or several weeks before it fails again. It's a random thing.

I took it to the dealer who reset it the first time it failed and, of course, found nothing wrong. They were nice enough to not charge me but it didn't solve the problem.

The bikes battery is four years old and I had that checked out and it's fine. The bike has 49,000 and up until now, has never given me a minutes worth of trouble.

Any ideas?

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Hello Waterman,

I ride a R1100RS and had some erratic faults so I installed a relay to delay the ABS system start-up until after the starter motor stopped pulling current from the battery. If this would help your situation I will direct you to the fix or send the link to you. Please let me know if this will help you.


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Thanks for the offer. How about send me the link. I"M not sure what's going on. It only happens after the engine has started. Sometimes it fails when I pull up to a stop sign or light.

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have you pulled the codes out of the unit by grounding the center of the plug throuh a meter and counting the flashes?


It sounds more like a front sensor issue.

Read the reset and checking proceedures.

Good luck


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