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r1100s transmission question


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While accelerating in 3rd gear, my bike lost mechanical power and made a horrible grinding noise. While waiting on BMW Roadside Assistance to arrive, I put in 2nd gear on the center stand and spun the back tire with my hand. Sounded like car keys in a blender behind the engine. Bike is currently at the dealer. I had it up there about 2 months ago complaining about leaking gear oil, but they said that it was ok(?).

Fortunately,it's warranty covered-but I wonder what happened. No word from the dealer yet. 21K miles on it. No rough stuff either-I've babied it!

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Your engine crankshaft probably isn't aligned with your transmission input shaft. They should be within about .003 inch total indicated runnout (TIR). Your dealer should check for this. There are many other threads on this manufacturing problem.

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