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"Super T" Torx Set Tool Review


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Here is a long overdue review (my apologies to Les & Jamie for taking so long) of the "SUPER T" Torx Set.


This is a combination I haven't seen before in a kit this size. The "SUPER T" mates a set of "L"-Key Torx wrenches with an interchangeable "T" Handle. Any of the individual wrenches can be easily mated to this "grip" by sliding the short end of the L wrench into the groove located on the underside of the T handle, securing by tightening the (can't miss it!) brass nut. Once that happens, you're ready to go!


A pair of collapsible "wings" sit atop the handle; useful for "spinning" already loose nuts or extending the tool's reach. The handle itself is anchored to the kit by simply sliding it up the shaft of one of the wrenches (one that is secured separately on the bracket specifically for this purpose) and, as in all applications, tightening the brass nut.


As you can see from the photos, the kit is very compact (small enough to be part of a bike's tool roll), yet contains the sizes most often used for "tupperware" removal (at least on the R1200RT). Wrenches included are: T10, T15, T20, T25, T27, T30 & T40. The bracket that holds things together also lists the various wrench sizes. (Curiously, the "T27" label is missing on this set but the wrench itself is there).


I just reread this; hopefully that old Chinese proverb will bail me out & the accompaning photos will make sense of my scribbling. Let's have a look:







Lastly, a subjective comment. A few weeks ago some of us gathered to help EricTheAwful (Eric Evans) bring his bike up to snuff; combined 6k & 10K service. Aside from having a great time, several bikes were being "wrenched" on at any given moment, so it seemed a perfect opportunity to use this set, & I did.


They wouldn't be my first choice working on the bike in the comfort of my own garage, if for no other reason then the availability of the nearby crammed-full tool box(s). That being said, they would be dearly appreciated were I to find myself on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere, no garage or tool box in sight.


This set does what it's designed for, is compact & lightweight, easy to use & just right as an alternative to being "caught without" because.......


Give it: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Stocking stuffer?? :)



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Thanks for the review.

Where can these be purchased and for how much?


Good question; I didn't have any idea when I wrote the review.


But, thanks to your asking, I got on Google & found the set on sale HERE for $16.95. There might be other sources but this is all that turned up.

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