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abs rearm


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Yes I understsnd that. However there is a certain sequence one must follow to rearm the ABS computer. One has to gruond 2 special terminals at the circuit board & Press the ABS rearm button for a certain # of seconds, I can`t remember the sequence. At 63 I have a condition called CRS ( can`t remember sh-t)

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Danny caddyshack Noonan

Resetting ABS1, assuming you have abs 1....


* Locate the diagnostic connector on the right frame rail, under the seat. Remove it from the blanking plug.

* Insert one end of 20 cm wire into the middle socket of this connector.

* Ground the other end firmly to a metal bolt in the area (and keep grounded).

* Hold the ABS button down as you turn the ignition on. You should see the lights flash together as normal.

* Keep holding the ABS button down for about 8 seconds. The ABS light will stay on solid.

* Release the ABS button.

* Turn off ignition, remove wire.


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