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:..hOW 'bout dem Hawkeyes..!..:


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tOOK down #3 PennState today ... what could of been ?? in their 4 losses a total of only 12 points separated them from an undefeated season.


aw well - we took one from JoePa today ... (actually the last 5 outta 6 times and 4 in a row !! woohoo)


Dem Hawks are Bowl eligible as of today too.!


Purdue and Minnesota are on the list next -


Feedin' time - come and git it.!

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Woo hoo! The undefeated teams continue to dwindle.


Wonder who's next? :lurk:





Texas Tech?




Boise State?


Ball State?





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As a Penn State Alum I can't say that I too happy with the loss to Iowa!


However, the Big Ten is weak this year compared to the SEC and Big 12. In fact I've felt that Penn State was bit overrated this year, especially when you look at their schedule. So I much rather see them lose now rather than to get blown out by a Texas Tech or Alabama team in the BCS Championship. They don't match up well so it end up saving face if you know what I mean.



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Way to go Hawkeyes! I'm a MSU alumni myself..so they may have helped MSU's cause for a better bowl game. Now if MSU can beat Penn State and Ohio State loses... holy crap, MSU could go to the Rose Bowl. Stranger things have happened. MSU so far has avoided their typical late season collapse. This is the best season they've had since Nick Saban's last season there. Plaxico Buress was their hot shot wide reciever that year.


The wonderful (I would say tragic, but what goes around comes around, Karam is a b****) collapse of U of M and sudden resurgense of Iowa has thrown a strange twist into everyone's season.



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"Dem Hawks are Bowl eligible as of today too.!"


Uh, John Robert, sorry to break it to you but the PSU game WAS your bowl game. You're still the Hawkeyes and you're still in Iowa......meanwhile PSU's still in the top 10. :Cool:


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You're still the Hawkeyes and you're still in Iowa......


Ya'll got something against Iowa? :grin:


Besides... we have 1 BMW motorcycle dealer for every 1.5 million residents. PA only has 1 per every 3.1 million residents. Heck, even California with 17 dealers only has 1 dealer for every 2.1 million residents.


Then again, Colorado I think beats everyone with 1 dealer for every 960,000 people. Seems like every major city has one there.



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rANDY rANDY...if you could of seen my hapless Hawks earlier in the season - and watch them now - you'd be jumpin' for them too.!

Their O line is as good as the early 2000's when they were playin' in the Orange bowl and with Shonn Greene - he's busting +100 yrd games EVERY game .. heisman ? -never as the Hawks will be at best 8-4 so that brings the spot light to the Big 12 QB's...which in my estimation is righteous. How can you not consider that rifling cat from TxTech.!!?? What a joy to watch.


So, with that - I'll simply watch the next two games with Purdue and Minnesota-yah and see where they land.


We ARE still in Iowa - but it wasn't very many years ago we were in the top 5.


Watch out for our young team growing in '09


Go Hawks.!



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Nothing against your Hawks, hANNA, but I wanted to see JoePa go out in style. I know that PSU still lives in the "3 yards and a cloud of dust" era so there's no realistic way they could hang with a potent offense but it would have been nice.....


For the record I never liked PSU's decision to join the Big Ten. Big 10 teams just beat the $hit out of each other all season long and end up sending a ragged, toothless champion out West to face a tanned, confident Pac 10 team in the Rose Bowl. We all know the end result and even though you guys get lucky once in a while you're still no match for the fleet-footed offenses on both coasts.


PSU no longer has the cache of an independent team and their play resembles the Big 10 in general - booring.


Okay, off my soapbox.


I follow PSU because I respect the school, it's coach, their uniforms, and its tradition. When I'm not following the Nittany Lions I'm busy rooting for my local team: The Air Force Academy for the same reasons!

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gOTT-CHA, rANDY. Actually I was rooting for JoePa up until he met with the Hawks. He is an amazing coach - one very much like mine Ron Schipper. Big 10 = big bore..agreed. and ditto on the post season ragged beat up teams. No way can they complete with the west. Agreed.

Be Well -

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