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18k service


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I think I asked here a few months ago about the expected cost of the 18k service on a 1200RT. Picked up the bike at the dealer yesterday and it was $294, but that included a headlight and final drive fluid replacement, neither of which is scheduled maintenance.


While I change my own oil usually, I did not have the time for it this time. I saw the parts alone for the change were nearly $50! Wow! So I figure my next similar service will closer to $200 as I'll do the oil change myself prior to taking it in for the other service. I'd like to learn how to do the valves and throttle body adjustments but doubt I'll ever get around to it. I'm more lazy than I am poor. Well, unless the DOW drops under 7k. :cry:

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I do my own service more for convenience and quality than money!


If you do your own you are more likely to get a quality job done, with less issues like stripped bolts and poor valve settings.


As important to me is time. I just don't have time to take my bike to the dealer, on their schedule, drop off the bike, find a ride home, and then go back and pick it up. In a couple hours one weeknight I can do it all and be done, for less than $75 for a 24K service. Add an hour and a half for the brake flush.


Jim :Cool:

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I was using the dealers for service as I have several bikes and they all needed something. It is a hundred miles one way for me. I got tired of picking up the bike only to find they didn't do something that I had ask to have done. On one ocasion I got home and found the rotation of the tires backwards, their excuse was it was that way they had taken them off, bull! On another ocasion I got home to find a front tire mounted on the rear wheel. I would tow a trailer after work to deliver or pck up, usually it would be dark so and didn't inspect everything they had done. Sould have been done right...


My 1200 doesn't run right and they tell me it is "perfect" I was going to take it back but the 100 miles each way and two trips... I'll just do it my self.


Learn to do it yourself in that way you will know it was done. Should if you find yourself on a trip with a problem you might know how to make it back home.

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