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Marsee Corona Tankbag


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I need a new tankbag, and I am interested in the Marsee Corona system (specifically their big one 21L). What do owners think about them as far as build quality, ease of operation, and especially lateral stability. Riding in our winds here in Wyo I am very interested in lateral stability. I have had to engineer some funky straps/bungee rigs to keep my old Sargent Superbag on.


Any comments greatly appreciated.


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Paul, did you go with the electric mount?
No, because I don't have any electric gadgets (yeah, luddite), just a radar detector on top of the instruments.
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I've been using a Marsee Corona tank bag on my GS for almost 2 years. It's high quality, rock solid and makes refueling very easy. I'll never use another strap on tank bag again.

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I really like the Corona system. I recently replaced my old bag w/ a 20L Mr Pockets. Be warned, the handlebars contact the tankbag side pockets at full stop. Thus, parking lot manuvering and left hand U-turns are accompanied by an embarassing and startling blowing of the horn! Imagine your surprise, as well as that of standers-by :D .


A fix is available however. See my recent post and the replies regarding this bag: http://bmwsporttouring.com/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=408978#Post408978


Good luck.

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