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Great weather and no riding for me..


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This had to be the nicest weather we have had in November as far as I can remember. The last week was awesome, around 20C. (70F?) Blue sky. Greatest riding weather. Unlucky for me that I broke my collarbone about 5 weeks ago. Everybody is asking:"You fell off the bike?" Instead I fell over a stupid flower pot in my backyard. It was dark and I took a hell of a dive. I thought it was pretty elegant until I landed. I heard the crack and nearly fainted. Not a pleasant experience. Never broke a bone in my life. Anyway, it is healing but no more riding this year. Well, it is getting colder outside now and snow is in the forecast. So I don't feel so bad.

See you on the road next spring.

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So sorry. Heal fast and try not to dwell on missing out on riding for right now. I feel for you.


I missed a step in the dark in my backyard in September and found myself flat on my face. I though someone was watching until I realized the gasp I heard was me as I was falling. I sprained my ankle pretty good but it could have been worse. After the loud crunch I heard I thought I broke my ankle for sure. It kept me off the bike for several weeks as I couldn't put any pressure on my right foot. Ouch.......but all better now. You'll be better soon to :thumbsup:




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Heal well and plan for the spring :thumbsup:

+1 Last year I fractured my collarbone, it was no fun. Wiggle your toe and your collarbone hurts [how does it know?]


Heal fast. Do the rehab. Kill all your flowers :grin:

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I'm sorry to hear of your mishap.


Walking is dangerous! Take care of yourself and you will be back on the bike come Springtime.



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Owww... that's unfortunate. Nina rode off the road and into a ditch last year and had the same. Takes a while to heal....... hoping fopr good weather for you when it does ! :thumbsup:

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