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Please limit responses to your experience with Motoport pants.


I have the Motoport ULTRA 2 AIR MESH KEVLAR JACKET and think it is the best jacket I have or have looked at.


I am considering purchasing the Motoport Ultra II Kevlar Pants and would like some feed back from those who have them, or any other of the pants that Motoport makes.


I regularly read the posts so don't need input on other manufacturers products at the moment.


Thanks in advance.

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I have the pants and love them. They are comfortable and easy to get in and out of with the long zippers. The pockets are also nice. The only warning is if you are wearing shorts under them be careful as the zippers will leave marks if you catch skin in them. DAMHIK :dopeslap:

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I've had the pants and jacket for about 18 months now. They are a bit bulkier than other mesh pants but I like them a lot. the only negative which might not be the pants fault is that the velcro on my boots has torn up the lining in the pants and made a mess of it but hasn't affected the function. I also have the waterproof liner but not the insulated liner. Mine are sized correctly but I think they would be too tight with both liners so a word to the wise.



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I have 2 Motoport Ultra II Kevlar suits.

1st one is jacket cut to 3/4 length and a loose fit. Was bought back in the day when I wore over my work cloths.

2nd is waist cut jacket which zips to the pants and is a snug fit with just a base layer beneath (and room for the liners).

Both are made from the stretch Kevlar material as opposed to the mesh material.


I also currently own a BMW Rally 2 Pro Suit along with the BMW Inotek (sp???) jeans, which can zip to the Rally Pro jacket.

In the past, I have owned Vanson leathers and the First Gear Kilimanjaro suit. I have also owned a variety of other suits over the years...


The Motoport suits are BY FAR the best suit I have ever owned. Very versatile. Comfortable from the low teens to hundred and teens degrees Farenheit. Insulated liners are very effective for retaining warmth. Liners insulated or not have never leaked even in all day rain. Unlined the strech kevlar flows enough air to keep one comfortable without flowing too much air as mesh does in the dry environments I typically ride. If I lived in a hot humid environment, I would probably go Motoport mesh.

Even in the hot humid environments, the strech Kevlar keeps me comfortable, except with a clammy feeling present.

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The pants liner are an either / or issue. Both liners are waterproof. One is insulated, the other is not. Both liners are not used at the same time. Insulated liner, at least on an RT, is only needed in extreme cold temps.

Jacket liner can be different, with a 2 piece option: waterproof outer liner with zip in insulation.

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I've got a pair of GP2 based Air Mesh Kevlar pants, well made, had a zipper issue at one point (I gained a pound or two :dopeslap:). They are not made for wearing over street clothes. I've worn them for 12-14 hours at a clip with no comfort issues after a bit of break in. They are fantastic when it starts getting hot & humid and good in cooler weather too.


Sent them my most comfortable, normal fit (vs under the gut :) ) jeans as a pattern and paid careful attention to the sizing/measuring instructions.


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I have Motoport's Ultra II (stretch) Kevlar Pants. I'm not as enthusiastic as others regarding these pants.


On the 'plus' side:

- top notch protection

- comfortable

- can use in wide temperature range


On the 'minus' side:

- I don't like the idea of having the rain liner *under* the pants. When rain is predicted (and the weather is not particularly hot), I'll take my Darien pants/jacket.

- The pants are bulky. I can't just roll them up and toss in my top case. In really warm weather it looks like I'm wearing a snow suit.




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I've got the stretch pants.


I had, briefly, mesh pants and jacket. I found the mesh pants HOTTER than the stretch on my 1150ADV. Since I get no airflow on my legs, the mesh was picking up all the heat from the motor. I wore these pants on a 3000 mile round trip into the humid south last summer and I was MISERABLE! Hated them. I was so uncomfortable on that whole trip, I was wishing for my stretch, which are warm in the heat, but, not hot and sweaty.


Hope this helps.

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I have the Ultra ll Kevlar suit. When I first put it on, It was so stiff and bulky!. It softened up and molded to my body after a season.(or my body did) It is the toughest gear I have ever seen. I have had it three seasons now, and I can't see ever replacing it. It was half the money of the BMW gear. It keeps me warm, dry, and relatively cool in the summer.

The only negative things are, it's abrasive, and I don't like all the velcro.

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