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R1100RT heated grip replacement job


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i laid down my 1996 r1100rt on the right side. the bar end was bent and i wondered if the heated grip was affected. my cheap mechanic said the heated grip was messed up and that he disconnected them. this is in japan and my japanese is not good so i:m not sure what he did to them exactly. the translation that i got was that he cut the wires. hopefully, he just disconnected them! btw, in addition, i have since decided that he is less than competant.


anyway, i need some basic instructions on how to inspect and replace the heated grips. i have a 'complete' replacement set from beemerboneyard.com


thanks in advance!

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thanks. that should help. hopefully i'll just be able to plug the new ones in to the old system. but if not this walkthrough will really help!

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