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leaking gas

Dave Bone

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2004 rt-

gas leaking from the hoses on the right side of the tank under the side trim.


I pull off the side trim and see two gas lines running horizontal. See Pic if i could download them right.


looks like each hose has a connector with a metal tab-- the top hose has gas was just pouring out but once i pull the connector apart- the gas stop flowing.


A) is this connector broken or just came loose?


why did it break?

many thanks for some quick help- i need to find parts


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According to my manual those should be quick connectors which is why the flow would stop when you pulled the connection apart.


Did you try conecting it back up to see if it seats and seals properly? could be it has worked loose or has/had dirt in it preventing a good seal....

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on my 2004RT one of the quick disconnects gave out at about 35k miles. replaced both with aftermarket jiffy tites. i believe BMW now has replacement QD's that are not plastic. sounds like that may be your problem. they are very easy to replace.

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Sounds like a quick disconect o-ring leak. Take the tupperware off and look the lines ove and you should be able to see the source of the leak.

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I think failure of the plastic QD's are a common thing. Mine failed at about 40K and I replaced them with metal from BMW. I also replaced the crimp style hose clamp with a screw type from BMW. The hardest part of the job was getting the QD's out of the fuel line. The QD's listed above by others are sure to be much cheaper then the BMW ones and as good if not better.

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I purchased from my very local BMW dealer(family owned- great people-) the male side of the the Quick Release part. They had the Stainless steel replacement(by the oem manufacture)in stock.


I kept the short hose - had the most problem getting the factory machine clamp off without damaging the 1.25in hose.


Finally got the factory clamp off, install the stainless male end, put on just a standard screw clamp(using the BMW metal hose protector from the machine clamp)-- all good


put back the trim-- I'm one the road tomorrow


Tnanks for all the quick replies-

Great Group-


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on the 2004RT i displaced the throttle cable seating when relacing the QD's. didn't realize it until tupperware back on. have you started it up yet. hope all is nice and smooth.

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DualSporter Rich

Discovered a gas leak on the '03 1150RT a few days ago, did a quick search here and sure enough, as usual, the answers to my questions are right there. I ordered new QD's from Beemer Boneyard, and it should be no time before the problem is corrected. I guess it is a common problem with these bikes... mine is just over 30K miles.


Just a tip of the hat to all of you who contribute so much valuable information to this forum. Your posts save us a lot of time and effort and I truly appreciate the assist!

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DualSporter Rich


What did you use to remove the factory clamps? Do you have any insights or tricks that might make that an easier job?



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I used a pair of diagonal cutters. You have to be careful not to damage the hose.


Make sure you replace them with clamps designed for fuel injection hose which you can buy at an auto parts store.

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One of my hoses was iffy and I went ahead and replaced all hoses. Still only had to remove only four factory clamps which can be a PITA. You will need four more FI hose clamps. 5/16" FI hose matches perfectly. Use a bit of care when tightening the new clamps. The moving tongue may not slip under the other side of the clamp and end up getting bent. Some encouragement from a thin blade flathead may be necessary.

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