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BEST GPS to see in the bright sun light


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Can anyone tell me which GPS has the best screen and colors to see during the bright sun light?


Nope....Don't know, but one of these might help....




I've got one and it helps some but not much you can do with direct sunlight hitting the screen....Garmin 2720......Inexpensive and closes up with velcro to cover screen when not in use...

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Depends on at what angle the sun is coming from. If the sun is shining directly on the face of the screen i.e coming from over your sholder, then the X76 has an outstanding screen that you can see every detail. If the sun is coming from the front of the bike and is not shining on the screen, the X76 is very hard to see. I have both a Zumo and 276C on my bike and when the sun is coming from the front, the Zumo is better but still difficult to see. In heavy overcast and at night, both are easy to see but the X76 has a much higher resolution screen so you can see more detail.

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