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R.I.P. Col. John Ripley


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In a time when so many men are weenies, this serves as a reminder of what one can be. It's an inspirational story, and Americans are blessed to have men and women like this.

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On this same line, did anyone catch CBS's Sunday Morning on Sunday Morning? It seemed to me that they came awfully close to saying that being patriotic was unpatriotic and counter productive to world peace.

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I hate that I learn about cool events like this when people die instead of while they lived...


No kidding.


From the article: "He earned the "Quad Body" distinction for making it through four of the toughest military training programs in the world: the Army Rangers, Marine reconnaissance, Army Airborne and Britain's Royal Marines, Miller said. He was also the only Marine to be inducted in the U.S. Army Ranger Hall of Fame."


Sounds like a hell of a guy.


We need more like him.

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Read his book ... extraordinary, that's for sure! But I think (or at least want to believe) it likely there are a few others Americans like him, serving now. But we'll probably have to wait until they write their books before we will know of them, too. And I hope we do not need to wait until they pass before reading of them.

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