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GPS TomTom BMW Rally


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I purchased a TomTom GPS from AirRider at the BMW Rally in Gillette. At the time of purchase they took my name, address and phone number as there was an update they were going to send for the unit. When I returned home I downloaded what was suppose to be the current map. I later found out it was not.


In mid August I called AirRider and asked when the update was going to arrive. They indicated they had been contacted by TomTom corporate who indicated they (TomTom) were going to take care of sending out the new 2gig SD card and update them through our individual TomTom account. AirRider ask for and I gave permission for them to forward my information to TomTom.

I waited another three weeks and was not contacted by TomTom.


I received a mass mailing from TomTom that a new map had been released. I called TomTom customer service and explained the issue. I was informed that I could no longer update for free to the current map because I was outside the 30 day purchase. I asked when the map was released for the unit I purchased in Gillette. She told me it was released in March 2008. These were already outdated maps and we were told TomTom would be updating our units with a new SD card and download at no cost. The Customer Service rep told me there was nothing they could or would do.


Unsatisfied with the answer from that person, I requested and did speak with a supervisor. They indicated they would download the new map to my TomTom account and all I had to do was go out and buy a 2gig SD card for approximately $20.00.


I did not feel I should have to spend the twenty bucks so I called AirRider back. They were very sympethetic and I do not hold them responsible for this issue. I was given the TomTom reps number who was at the rally. His name is:

Mike Beyersdoerfer


Rep firm for Tom Tom


It should be noted that Mike is an independent sales rep and not employed directly by TomTom


Mike was apologetic and tried to facilitate a resolution. He indicated the same as the TomTom customer service. They would download the new map and I would have to buy a new 2gig card.


I told Mike that was unacceptable. We were told we would be receiving the update. After spending that amount of money for a new unit I should not have to spend additional money on a 2gig SD card to get what should have come with the unit in the first place.


I advised Mike that I would be filing a complaint with Consumer Protection and creating a posting on this thread. TomTom sold an outdated unit as new and as of this date has made minimal attempts to correct the issue.


I have since received an email from Mr. Beyersdoerfer indicating they would download the current map to my TomTom account and would be sending a 2gig card. I than received a second email from Mike indicating they would be sending the card with the maps installed.


I am still waiting.


I am very disappointed in TomTom's customer service. This has been going on since July 17th and has not been resolved. It does not appear that TomTom's word is reliable.


Harry Gordee





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Did TomTom have anything to do with AirRider's promise? Sounds like AirRider let you down, not TomTom. I met Mike on the road to West Bend last year and he's a great guy who is (I would guess) probably eating the $20 cost. Good luck with your solution...GPS is a great tool.

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