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Triumph . . . I'm impressed!!!!!


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Got off work this morning and went up to A&S BMW with Jamie to "double check" her bike search on the F650GS, etc. After we were done, Jamie had to head on as she had several massages to perform at the spa soooooooooooooo . . . .


I mosied on over to the local Triumph dealership. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! I was impressed beyond belief. They are also a Victory dealer so I looked a bit at them, too.


Very nice, clean dealership with very nice and knowledgeable people working there. Now this, in and of itself, isn't necessarily anything to jump up and down over except that my salesperson went way out of his way to explain, allow me to handle, look, sit on, and otherwise violate any and all of the new bikes they had there. And here's the best part . . .


He said to come back when it wasn't raining and I could go out on a test ride!!!!!!!!!!! Whhaaaaaaaa, whaaa, whaaaaaat!?!?!!?!? FINALLY, another motorcycle manufacturer that has learned the value of a test ride.


I'll be going back to give the Scrambler and the Bonneville T100 a try. I've always had a thing for Triumph and I would actually not mind having one in the stable for simple commuting, day trip, Sunday ride duty. Boy, are they beautiful to look at and sit on!!!!!!


They're not about performance but I think the new K1300GT that is on order will satiate that for now so I'm not concerned about it.


So, who knows the skinny on the new Triumph as a whole and the Scrambler and Bonnie in particular??? I've looked 'em up a bit and they seem to, of course, have their cult following and garner decent press but what else?


2 major thumbs up to the local dealership and Triumph.


Thanks in advance for any info that anyone might have on them. Ownership experiences and stories, good and bad???

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Triumph has come a long way since the 60's and puts out a great quality machine. I have an '07 Triumph Speed Triple which turns 2 next month with 12k miles on the clock. The triple 1050cc motor is smooth as butter and has an unbelievable flat torque curve. My GS gets a lot less action these days because of my Speed Triple.

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My friend from work has a Thurxton. Frickin' sweet ride. Old school Britbike looks and fantastic sound. His has a bunch of black powerdercoated bits for aesthetics, plus Ohlins at both ends, Pipe, jet, etc. It's an absolute riot to ride. It is physically impossible to crank it into a corner, roll on the throttle, and not smile.

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I'm on my second Triumph and both have been realitively trouble-free.


The worst thing about a Triumph is the resale value - I've never bought a new bike, so it wasn't a big deal.


My Thunderbird Sport had an issue with the coils, but it was a know problem and was quickly solved by a qualified dealer in 5 minutes [the dealer who sold me the bike had no idea what the deal was- gave me they all do that b.s].


Only had a minor problem with a radiator fitting on my Tiger. Luckily I was on a Tiger-Ride-In [think mini-EL Paseo] and was able to get the help to fix it.


I am not aware of any major issues with any of the new Triumphs. Check out http://www.triumphrat.net/ to get more info on the Scramblers and Bonnies. Also, do a search of on yahoo! groups for similar models [i am a member of a few of them for the Tiger] and see if there a local RAT club.


Good Luck.




Oh, and if you decide to purchase a Triumph, make sure you brush up on your Triumph History as you will attract attention any place you stop. Hell, my $4500 TBS won Bike of the Night at a huge weekly contest against a $20K HD and an even nicer Ducati!

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Not many dealerships so make sure you live near one!


I live close to one and was tempted by the new-generation Sprint ST with ABS but the fit-and-finish was not great (and why is the cool triple underseat tail pipe an obvious fake?). Still an interesting choice for the money.

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I love my Scrambler. 5400 miles and no problems so far.

This bike continues to impress. It's not a great tourer but I put 7 hours on her yesterday. It's not a great dirt bike, but I have burned up plenty of dirt roads as well as some gravel roads without a problem. It's no sport bike but it's strong in the twisties. It loves the city (rough roads, potholes, etc.) and comes off a stop with plenty of grunt.


In short, it does nothing great, but it does everything well. Test ride one and you won't want to return it.

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I just sold my 06 T100. I bought it a year ago off e-bay. Saved big over a new one. I always admired old Brit twins, just never had one. When the Scrambler came out, and I first saw a full page ad in a magazine, I about fell out of my chair. But as I looked at them in person, I was drawn more to the T100. After two years of looking and thinking about one, I figured I wasn't getting any younger (53), so I bought one. As it turns out, in my case, I finally realized a while back I was trying to convince myself I enjoyed riding it, but the truth was I like riding my old airhead much better. So a week ago I sold the Bonnie. I can't tell you about reliability. I went through a divorce (after 20 years) and intentionally kept miles off the Bonnie and my 97 RT all through the summer, not knowing who would end up with them. As it turned out, I kept all 4 bikes, but I had realized by then that for me, 4 bikes was a pain in the butt. I'm fairly frugal by nature - the bikes are about my only vice. Anyway, I only put a thousand miles on the T100, which is why I can't speak for the reliability. But I spent quite a bit of time lurking on RAT NET, and they seem to have a very good reputation. No regrets - I always wanted a Brit bike, and I was able to scratch a long time itch without losing a ton of money. Had I not had my airhead, which I've had for 28 years, and love now as much as the day I bought it, things probably would have been different.


Previous post was right - you WILL draw a lot of attention on a Bonneville. Around here, it's Harley Harley Harley, and the Bonnie certainly stood out.


Good luck with your decision/purchase. Sounds like you'll have quite a fleet yourself.

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When Triumph went bust various assets were sold off. The Triumph name and rights to build them were bought by John Bloor, a business man and owner of a very successful building (real estate) company.

Bloor allowed Les Harris to build Bonnevilles in Devon, thereby keeping the brand alive and ensuring that Triumph remained in serial production since 1902, keeping the title of longest continuous motorcycle production out of HDs hands.


Bloor injected 80 million pounds, of which 60 million was personal money, into developing a new factory and range of bikes. With Triumphs poor reputation for reliability and oil-leaks in mind an edict went out that they must not leak oil and must be known for reliability.


Bloor is a businessman not a motorcycle enthusiast and that is why he has succeeded in keeping motorcycle manufacturing alive in the UK where so many others failed.


A new factory was built in Hinckley with a second plant added a few years later. The 'old' Hinckley plant was destroyed by fire a couple of years ago, allowing the plant to be further updated.


Triumph seem to offer excellent customer care and run regular factory tours. So when you get your Triumph and come for the tour, give me a call. The factory is just round the corner from where I do my weekly grocery shopping.



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Just picked up my used 07 Tiger 1050 monday in Knoxville. No dealer in Louisiana, nearest is Tyler, Tx about 90 miles and is also a HD dealer, hmmmm. I have heard good things about the Little Rock dealer.


This motor is smooth and pulls strong from 2k rpm. I'm an old fart so shift below 6k most of the time, ha. It comes on strong above 6k sorta like the GT only a little less kick. Handles like an RT (23 degree rake and 59" wheelbase), very flickable and very forgiving on which gear to be in with that large torque curve.


Transmission is butter. I am already farkling, and researching how to put my audiovox CCS-100 cruise control on.


Panniers are next, looking at the black TRAX. High stock exhaust can makes pannier mounts wide, so might go with another can to narrow it up, but it has to be quiet, I am done with loud pipes.


Lots of Tigers used for a good savings over new!

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Hey Phil, I too have some new Triumph experience and they are cool bikes. I could have one back in my garage if I ever sour on BMW brand. The new Bonnies are really nice but, not in the same performance category of the originals mainly due to quite a bit more weight. I too really like the looks but, unfortunately even when compaired to my 'old' 86' Moto Guzzi LeMans comes up lacking in almost all areas of performance. The Truxton motor IMHO should power the entire Bonneville range. My 1st Triumph was an 95' 900 Daytona triple that gave me no trouble at all. My 2nd was the modern day equivalent in mission profile to the original Bonneville, the Speed Triple. Mine was a 955i and a reliable machine as well and lordy it rocked in the twisties. By all means keep us posted on this subject. :lurk:

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I love Triumph ... it was a close call between my RT and the Sprint ST ... but the RT seating position was more upright and was more comfortable for me. IF you are thinking about a new Triumph ... especially a cruiser.... take a look at what they have coming in 2010 ... the new Thunderbird will fall between their 1000 cc bikes and the Rocket 2300 cc, at 1600 cc. But I don't think you can go wrong with any of the Triumphs myself. Just my $.02






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They have some excellent products.

Mostly very positive reviews and anecdotes.

This may depend on area, but we see a huge issue w/resale of them, can't figure out why as the product is excellent.

That may not be the case elsewhere.

Rich Edwards has a Street Triple and loves it, he's in Australia right now so I'll chime in for him.

Just remember to cancel your turn signal... :/

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Careful! I see another nickname in your future. CAPTAIN Hilts. :grin:




I had a Scrambler for a day while X/C was in the shop for a recall. Very fun bike!




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I bought a used 2000 Triumph Trophy 900 triple while in between BMW's. I just couldn't take the riding position of my K bike any longer and didn't have the funds to buy an R1150RT. I saw this beautiful British Royal Blue one at a local dealer with low miles and the right price, planning on only keeping it for a year or two while I built my funds up. I ended up riding it for over 5 years as I enjoyed the bike so much. I did quite a few tours and found it to be extremely comfortable with great cruising range. To top it off I put over 30,000 miles it without a single problem. The engine wouldn't burn a drop of oil between 6000 mile oil changes and seemed bulletproof. I had read that when Bloor had the engine designed he knew he had only one chance to build it right and over engineered it. I only adjusted the chain twice which really made me re-evaluate the "superiority" of shaft drive, especially with all the problems BMW has been having. I got rave comments wherever I went on it and the only negative comment is that I found it to be skittish in heavy winds or turbulence of heavy truck traffic. I can't figure out why Triumph discontinued this model as the Sprint doesn't have it's great seating position or fairing. I now own a 2003 R1150RT which I am very happy with, but in my 42 years of riding, I have to say that the Trophy is my all time second favorite, and if Triumph re introduced this model with a few updates, I would seriously look at it. A top quality standard motorcycle.

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skinny_tom (aka boney)
Don't ride either the Thruxton or ANY of the triples, or you're sunk.


Especially the 1050 Tiger. If you get one before me I'm gonna... I'm gonna... I don't what I'm gonna do. Cry, maybe?

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I am in the market for a new bike. I've tried the Sprint ST, and the Tiger. I'm going back on Tuesday to ride them both again. I was going to get another 1200RT, but I think I might try a Triumph this time. At least I'm going to take a long look at them before I decide. From what I've been told, the Sprint isn't as good for two up riding as the Tiger. That is a concern for me, so if I get one it might be the Tiger with bags and trunk. With the accessory exhaust, you can get about the same hp with the Tiger as the Sprint. The expensive valve adjustments ($400-$600) every 12,000 miles isn't attractive, but the bikes cost quite a bit less than an RT so that would make up for the extra maintenance cost. I always did my own service on my BMW bikes, but I don't think I would want to mess with Triumph valves adjustments.

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I have to say that the Trophy is my all time second favorite, and if Triumph re introduced this model with a few updates, I would seriously look at it


Rumor is that they might be bringing the Trophy back. Two members of my RAT club own Trophies and love them. The 900 3cyl is the more sought after one, as the 4cyl is hotter and gets worse gas mileage.



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I bought a new Scrambler last spring. It runs smoother than any of the seven BMW's I've owned. It isn't about horsepower, but it has a useful spread of mid-range torque.


The riding position is very comfortably upright, and the seat is better than most BMW stock units. The Scrambler is the perfect back road exploring tool. The power delivery is just right on gravel and dirt. I have actually had it up to the axles in mud on one occasion and it pulled out just fine. These bikes are much more off road capable than most people would believe.


The Hinckley Triumphs have won a well deserved reputation for mechanical reliability as well. If you are inclined to look at one of the Triumph twins I would encourage you to do it. They are great machines.


And best of all, they are so good looking. It seems more often than not, there is some admirer that wants to chat about the bike at every stop.

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So, who knows the skinny on the new Triumph as a whole and the Scrambler and Bonnie in particular?...

Thanks in advance for any info that anyone might have on them. Ownership experiences and stories, good and bad???


A long story...

Along with a 67 Lightning, had a 73 Meriden Trident for several years that was stone reliable and I should have kept it, wanted one ever since I sold it. In 99 saw a BRG Hinkley 95 Trident 900 in a used bike shop and bought it on the spot. Reliable, fun commuter, would wheelie with just a little provocation, and had a 6.5 gal tank. Couldn't handle the riding position on long hauls as my bad back got worse, turns out I should have kept it and made it fit but did not.

Picked up an 03 Bonneville America new in Mar 03 and it was a comfortable 170 mile ride home from the dealer, and let the Trident go. The 03 ended up spending 3 of the 11 months I owned it in the shop due to various oil leaks and transmission issues. Triumph ended up replacing it with an 04. Rather than admit to it being a lemon, it was termed 'replacement under warranty'. I've put near 50k miles on the 04 including several IBA rides and it's been my daily rider for 4 years. It is so comfortable I added a 4.5 gallon tourtank as stopping every 130 or so was too soon. It is a super machine without so much as a hiccup. After saying as much, it is underpowered which is the only reason I ended up with the R11RT, not a replacement, but addition. I like the Triumph seating position more so than the Beemer. But the power of the RRT is addictive after not having it on the Triumph (the Trident 900 a different story).

As for sales and service... many Triumph owners have less than kind things to say about much of the service staff. A great many dealers look to be less than the high end shops Triumph apparently is trying to make itself out to be. If fact, the cause of most of my 03 Triumph ills was incompetent service which, in the end, cost Triumph an entire machine. The shop I was tied to by virtue of distance was Triumph first, some unknown scooter brand second... or at least I think Triumph is first. The dealer had a preference for working (sales) the triples as the twins are the low-end, maybe not loss leaders, but surely not the profit generators the triples are (the triples are very popular, for good reason).


In my opinion, I think any Japanese equivalent would be technically superior and the odds of owning a problem less with a Japanese bike simply based on density of numbers and a Japanese propensity for quality that I think has not yet taken hold at Triumph (poor chrome, oil leaks, electrical probs... the ignition in my Hinkley Triumph was made by Lucas). I would not make a purchase based on some idea that Triumph is a superior machine, if you're simply machine shopping.


Bloor is a shrewd businessman, not a motorcyclist, so the tie that binds most of us is just not there, in my opinion. Decisions are simply business, probably a good thing when you look back on the history of all the brands that didn't make it, and those that nearly didn't survive like HD and Triumph.


As of a couple of years ago manufacturing of the twins moved to Thailand if that matters.


Still a vertical twin with personality and I like mine.


Triumph pics can be viewed at bikes link below.

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As you can see by my list of bikes I have a Thruxton. I absolutely love it. I have owned it since June, 2007 and have 9200 trouble free miles on it. My BMW is a better tourer but the Triumph is a bike I lusted for in the 60's but couldn't afford. That is why I bought it. It even came standard with clip ons.




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I have a 2000 Trophy 1200 and a 2001 Bonneville. They both are spectacular bikes. They are well-engineered and perfectly reliable. Knock on wood, but I've never had a problem with either of them. I also had a 2003 America, but I just could not get used to the cruiser thing, so I traded it on a 2008 RT. If Triumph had replaced the Trophy I would have bought one, no doubt about it. I got tired of waiting for a new Trophy, so I opted for the RT. The RT is an astounding bike, but I still have a soft spot in my heart for Triumphs. My Trophy has Staintune pipes, and with the restrictors out the sound is wonderful. The Trophy, by the way, will soon be for sale.

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I'll be going back to give the Scrambler a try.


I know the dealer you speak of.


I've called ahead & advised them NOT to let you ride one. I warned them of the type of person you are.


I described, in detail, how much you love two-wheeled motorized vehicles. How that, once you you see one that visually stimulates you, you're hooked. A ride is not necessary.


I continued with the explanation that, once you obtain ownership of said motersickle, they'll never get rid of you. You'll constantly hound them about the best tires, suspension upgrades, & God forbid, FARKLES!!!


You're their worst nightmare, next to the factory burning to the ground.


Do them a favor. Stay away. Very far away.




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I bought a new 06'Sprint ST two years ago and after 24K I have no complaints. I rode K-bikes for 15 years and do not regret switching to the Triumph. The bike is a blast to ride!


I was worried about Triumph's reliability but have not had any problems that I did not cause (let a strap get caught in the axle and tipped it over in the driveway).


Good luck with your decision.

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I've already told you once Phil...


Get Jamie to try the Street Triple. (And the Monster.)


Here (well, in SLC) it's a bit different because the BMW dealer IS the Triumph dealer...

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eASY oWNERSHIP on both the ST/ABS and the Thruxton - get thumbs up everywhere I go...rides and drives like it's on rails - a downer is that it doesn't pack everything I want it too.


But that okay - 'cause it's all about the ride, right..?


I proly will keep the ST and get a big dual sport to pack my gear...not sure yet. I'm all over the board..


Love my Sprint.!@

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I proly will keep the ST and get a big dual sport to pack my gear...not sure yet. I'm all over the board..


LOL......You have that problem too? :grin:


About once a month I think I have a perfect plan of what to do with regards to buying a motorcycle and replacing my RT. Then something happens and I scrap it all and start rethinking. I've looked at and seriously considered each of the following, along with the possibility of keeping the 1100RT and adding a 2nd bike. A newer 1200RT, a GS (1200, 800, or new 650), a R1200ST, a Tiger 1050, a Sprint 1050, a Bonneville, a Thruxton, a Scrambler, a VStrom, and a WeeStrom. I think that covers most, if not all of them.


I love the Scrambler/Bonneville/Thruxton, but I'm just not sure I would be happy with one. I couldn't handle any of them for commuting duty so it would have to be used as a 2nd bike for the weekends. I liked the Tiger until I sat on one and something just didn't seem right. I'm crazy about the Sprint, but I haven't ridden one yet. I always wanted a 1200ST, but I want a black one and they are about as rare as you can get on this side of the pond. I'm thinking I will most likely end up on a 1200GS, but that could all change tomorrow. Of course I could always get a Sprint and a used KLR for the same price as a 1200GS.........so it begins again.

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I have been to that dealer twice in 3 years. The first time it was to see the new 3 cylinder cruiser and this last time it was to see the T100. One of my long time HD riding buddies bought one last year and loves it. Anyway, in January they will be coming out with a new Bonneville called the "SE" which will have tubless tires and rims on it with a little lower seat. I found the seat almost too low right now, and boy, that seat was hard. I was amazed at how small the T100 is compared to a HD. I liked it a lot. I will ride one next year when they come in. Everyone I have talked to likes them a lot and has had no trouble with them, including the guy I met at the dealership just getting off his America that was coming off a 2500 mile trip with good comfort and no worries. He loves his.

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