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Happy day of the dead!


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Hey everyone,


I and my fellow Public Safety colleagues were likely up all night last night responding to the fallout and aftermath of our U.S. version of celebrating this time of year, but today (and tomorrow) is The Day of the Dead or "Dia de los Muertos" , a time for remembrance and celebration!


Many of our ancestors have been remembering, honoring and partying with our dearly departed during this time of year for millennia and I sure like that idea much more than a fearful, morbid or sad approach to the shortening days and one of life's natural cycles.


I thought about this riding home from work this morning as I've not been on the bike hardly at all since the UnRally in July. In fact, I think I'll take Gleno and Rodger on a ride with me to work tomorrow morning. I still miss them so much . . . but at least this way we'll get a chance to take a ride together once a year. I'll see if I can find "kowboy" and some of our other friends to join us.


It sure sounds like a start to a much better day than I just had and maybe even a better excuse for an annual November ride than even a DVD Pre-Run! :grin:

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dID tHE same thing, J -- brought 'em all for a ride with me. We've got 70's this weekend and into Tuesday...kinda weird for this time of year -

Went out for 250 on Nov 1 All Saints Day and again yesterday on All Soul's Day. Very cool Very very cool...

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We were in the graveyard on Saturday night enjoying the party, visiting the shrines and honoring our dead. The feeling is very much one of family and belonging and of course there's the reminder that we too will be passing on before long. This day brings the cemetery to life, it integrates it into life instead of hiding it away. American cemeteries are so dead compared to those of other cultures.


If you have the chance, I recommend participating.

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