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Factory lowered R1200RT


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Haven't ridden one either but I sat on one two weeks ago. The seat is different but I don't know if it is any lower than the low seat previously offered. If it is lower the knees will suffer the more radical bend getting feet to the footpegs. The mechanic I spoke with said the ground clearance was the same, shock travel is shorter so it seems to me that this bikes will not be of the same ride as the non-shortened version unless the road is glass smooth. I do like the flat footed feel however.

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I don't know about the lowered 09s, but I put HyperPro shocks on a 2002 R1150RT and in the process, lowered the bike about 1.5 inches (I did that on purpose). The lowered RT was very comfortable and handling was much improved over the stock shocks. I am not sure how much the lowered configuration figured into that. One thing that I didn't take into consideration was the center stand, which after lowering the bike 1.5 inches was useless. I also had to change the angle of the side stand so that the RT would not fall over. I now have a 2008 K1200GT, which I would also like to lower about an inch. <<<<>>>>

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