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I made extra mirrir-hole mounting posts


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Okay, so I wasn't particularly interested in a multi-joint articulating arm for my simple application, so I made a tapered post with 1/4-20 x .500" deep ends for installation in the un-used mirror mounting hole on my GT. I made some extras for others who want to used left and/or right side post for installation of farkles. I'm using a 1" RAM ball where I can use either a short or long arm to attach a GPS and satellite radio for long trips, but it's a piece of cake to remove when I simply ride the bike to-and-from the office.


They're precision CNC cut out of solid 6061 aluminum. The 2.6" length means any accessory arm will clear the fluid resevoirs, and the ample internal threads allows the user to cut the post shorter if so desired.


I'm not in the business of making motorcycle accessories, but I figure I can't be the only one who wants a solid, inexpensive mounting post, so here it is. They're $20 for one, $35 for a pair, plus $3 for a ride with the US Post. I put it up on our company website at www.perfectswitch.com/mirrormount.htm


These will fit on newer style GT and R1200R bikes, and I'm sure lots of others.





San Diego

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Not a new idea. RAM has had these out forever. I had them on a 1999 R1100RT.


Really? I can't seem to find mounts like this on the RAM web site.


Do you have specific references to RAM mounts similar to the one's depicted here??



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I am trying to figure out a way to add higher mirrors to my R1200RT. The fairing mirrors are blocked too much by my hard cases. I have seen where others have bought mirrors from various sources and modified them to fit in the existing but not used holes on the handlebars.


Are you aware of anyone using your part to attach a mirror without doing tapping, etc. If so, consider me a customer! If you prefer just send a PM.



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....There are several threads on this. Here's one. Really all you have to do is get a couple of GS mirrors.....


Thanks Tom. The GS mirror solution is too expensive for me! I was hoping your inserts might open up other solutions. I have seen some mirrors that I like, the BikeMaster ones. The price is good but I don't want to tackle the tap that's required to mount them. I was hoping the BikeMaster might screw into your product. I think it has a 10mm threaded part.


I'm tempted to just drop by the local metric bike shop and see what they have that might screw into the existing holes in the handlebars, but I'm assuming thousands of other guys have done that already. :Cool:



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I've got a couple of them laying around somewhere that I had on a previous bike. Just got back to this thread. If I can find one of them, I will see if they have a part number on them. I'm pretty sure I got them through Cycle Gadgets quite a while back.

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