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Big fuel leak, then nada...


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Night before a charity ride (non-refundable, that I pre-paid for, of course :dopeslap:) I go out to run to the gas station so I have a full tank in the morning. Backing out of the garage I notice a lot of clear fluid on the ground. Stop, check, and it's fuel. Fan F-ing tastic.


I'm guessing that my 2002 RT spewed maybe an ounce or two of gas, coming from the right side. Pulled the plastic and it looks like it's coming from the air box. I've had a problem with the QD's that was easily fixed, so of course I looked there first but everything looked like it was still coated in road grime and dry, so no such luck.


So I resigned myself to the fuel pressure regulator, which I have read about through my fingers because I have my hands over my face. But then I go BACK out, start the bike, and I can't get that damn thing to leak a drop of fuel. Any guesses?


Not that it should matter but I just got back from a 1,700 mile trip about 2 weeks ago and the bike has been parked since then. My logical side says this doesn't make a difference in the world, but hope springs eternal that this is something easy and not the FPR. Thanks for any advice.

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A couple of questions...


Did you park the bike with a newly filled-to-the-brim tank?


Have you got an evap cannister?


Fuel stored underground tends to be cool and when left overnight it expands. With a brimmed-off tank this causes the fuel to pass out through the overflow, the plumbing for which hangs down by the righthand riders footpeg.


Been there, done that :dopeslap:



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